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Editorial contributions are welcome subject to editorial review.* WorldWide Drilling Resource ® reserves the right to refuse any advertisement . We Recycle An Uncertain World ~ As 2021 unfolds, many of us are wondering which way to turn. Whether to move forward as we have in the past? Give up? Sell? And, if we decide the latter, who is out there just waiting to scarf up our busi- ness? I can’t think of a one - can you? Whether we started the business ourselves, or purchased it, or even if it was passed on to us, the challenges of 2020 we have endured, and those of 2021 are staring us in the face, waiting for us to make wise choices. I, for one (a cofounder of a business) prefer to move forward in a positive direction, like the grand eagle pictured here. That allows our employees to move forward with us, giving them hope and empow- ering them to still carve out their futures. This company hasn’t been in business as long as many of you in the drilling industry, but we have steadfastly stood by each of you to help you learn of new ways to transform and make your companies stronger, better at what you do with our spot-on articles for many different areas of drilling across the world. In addition, by helping you sell your equipment, parts, and services, both in this PRINT magazine, which reaches nearly 40,000 subscribers near and far; as well as through our online issue of these magazines monthly, and the many trade events the WWDR Team covers. Not only that, but through our ability to host an “in person” trade event in 2020 to help bring our industry back together again. We will continue to stand by you and our drilling industry as long as you allow us to - for without you, we aren’t here either. Realizing some may be forced to do the latter, it is the hardest decision you may ever have to make. We understand your concerns and are here to stand by you through that process. For those who decide to throw up their hands and say “to heck with it” without giving yourself and your employees another attempt at making a go of it, remember, you may in turn be throwing your employees to the curb to become “wards of the government” to sit at home, waiting to collect whatever those in power choose to throw their way, similarly into a form of “slavery”. So, the choices WE, as business people - ALL of us - make, have a profound affect on everyone else by OUR choices more so now, in this time, than any other time I’ve lived through. I am a “baby boomer”, born in 1948. My mother was born during the 1917 Pandemic. We had it rough, but I feel most times, out of the ashes grow people with purpose, commitment, a nicer feeling for our fellow humans, and a love of life. So, what will you decide to do? Will you be the Majestic Grand Eagle soaring to new heights, or sitting there waiting for the right moment to do the wrong thing and strike down those who have stood by you through thick and thin ~ your employees, friends, and family? See you on the trail. Tennessee Water Well Trade Show and Conference With Pen - Computer in hand . . . Veronica I. “Ronnie” Jones, 850-547-0102 ? Featured Articles for February - Safety New Lifting System Page 32 Low-Noise Equipment Page 7 Boot Safety Page 19 Hearing Protection Page 26 Remote Blasthole Drilling Page 39 Driving Safety Page 39 Explosives Safety Page 22 Valve Saves Lives Page 29 Ending up Where? Page 17