WorldWide Drilling Resource

11 JULY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Coupling Project Gets Government Support Wellmaster, a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of products for the groundwater, oil, and green- house sectors based in Ontario, Canada, has partnered with Lambton College to launch a collaborative research project to support the commercialization of its Press x Press coupling. The partnership was made possible through the Ontario government’s Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (VIP) program. Led by the Ontario Centre of Innovation, the VIP program supports collaboration between academia and industry to develop, implement, and commercialize new technical innovations that solve existing industry challenges. The Press x Press coupling provides a no-thread, no-weld, friction taper connection for water well casing and structural piling. By applying the same downward force used by drill operators to advance the borehole, the Press x Press connects and seals the casing. Able to accommodate plain end casing, the Press x Press has the potential to save drilling contractors time and money by a providing a superior solution to conventional casing connections. “Wellmaster is excited to work with Dr. Reaume and the outstanding research team at Lambton College,” said Wellmaster Vice President Business Development James White. “The project will support product design and performance testing to commercialize the Press x Press coupling as a superior casing connection for the water well and structural piling applications.” For a link to this website, visit this page at: