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25 JULY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Remote Cattle Watering . . . When the Sun Doesn’t Shine Adapted from Information by TWEnterprises, Inc. Remote cattle watering? Solar pump systems can provide a solution, but a gen- erator system with specific features and options tailored for remote, unattended cattle watering is a great alternative. A gen- erator system uniquely manufactured for this application is the TWEgen ® , offered by TWEnterprises, Inc. for over 25 years. These systems need to be considered - before rushing to solar. First, is the “green” issue. Even though it has an internal combustion engine, the fuel used in the TWEgen ® is propane - one of the cleanest burning fuels - as clean as you can use for an engine. Much like the automotive industry, the engines have advanced in using fuel injection, maximiz- ing fuel efficiency. There is no relying on whether the sun will shine, how bright it will shine, or if the demand for water requires pumping after dark. The generator system continues to provide power to the pump, regardless of weather conditions. For watering applications requiring greater volumes of water, such as pipelines with long distances and severe lift eleva- tions, a TWEgen ® generator by TWEnterprises, Inc. is a superior choice. Here are some unique accessories: A pipeline control system without pressure tanks - This unique system can push water up 1000 feet in elevation from the well, regard- less of the length of the pipeline - without spilling water. A low-well sensor - This sensor protects the generator and pump by shutting off when the well is low. It will turn the unit on to pump water when the level in the tank is low, eliminating the need to constantly check water supply. An electronically-fired propane winter base heater - This feature is great for starting and running the generator in severe winter tempera- tures. Systems by TWEnterprises, Inc., are built with the best quality components. All generators are installed in a heavy 12-gauge steel enclosure with lifting eyes. These are not a throwaway design; they are meant to be rebuilt and reconditioned for decades of future use. Last but not least, they are generator systems - providing utility-grade AC power. Available for more than cattle watering at the well site, they have the added benefit of being able to be used for any application requiring AC power, whether at the well site or back at the home place.