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33 JULY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® by Tim Rasmussen It was going to be another hot day. David Lazaro was driving the truck with the old Stadeli 22W drill rig, headed to Flor de Selva. This remote village is several miles off a good road, about 1½ hours from our shop in Poptun. His drilling helper Eddi was with him. After they turned off the highway, the road began to get worse and worse for several kilometers, forcing them to go slower and slower to accommodate the bad road. It wasn’t a smooth road, just a series of deep holes separated by short stretches of smaller holes. They would creep down into a deep hole, then creep out and drive for a few feet, and do it again. The truck would lurch as they crept along. They were several kilometers from the highway when they went down into a hole and the truck lurched violenty then sagged drastically to one side. David immediately shut the motor off and climbed out. What he saw was amazing. The bed of the truck sagged down, just behind the cab. Looking under the edge of the bed at the frame, the problem was obvious. The frame was broken on one side. When it broke, it badly twisted on the other side. The driveshaft was not bent, but the vehicle could not be driven. The truck was not going anywhere until something was fixed; an d the truck could not be moved off the road. Thankfully, ther e was room for a vehicle to pass, if one came along. David was happy there was cell service. He called Jon a t the shop and told him of their predicament. Jon started ou t from there, and Edga r and Eldon came fro m another town to chec k out the problem. It wa s obvious the truck coul d not be moved withou t doing more damage . They all agreed the y would have to jack th e truck up, make some kind of temporary repair, then try and ge t the truck back to the shop or to the city of San Luis about 1 5 miles from where they left the road. It was getting dark; ther e was nothing they could do out in the country at that time. S o they locked the truck, left it there sitting in the road, and wen t back to the shop. Chris had a meal waiting for the tired an d discouraged men. Find out how they repaired the frame in next month’ s issue. If you would like to help, contact Gary Bartholomew at 208-907-0010 or 509-939-1941 Tim Tim Rasmussen may be contacted via e-mail to WTR