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37 JUNE 2021 The Importance of Maintaining Your Pump Hoist Adapted from Information by SEMCO, Inc. Whether you are installing a new water well or servicing an existing one, your pump hoist is an important piece of equipment. Making sure your equipment is operating cor- rectly includes performing regular maintenance. Here are a few small maintenance pro- cedures to keep your hoist running like new: Filter - Be aware of your hydraulic filtration system and how it is operating. The key to keeping the hydraulic system in check is to change the filters on a regular basis, just like you do in your automobile. If you change the filters after they have gone into bypass mode, it is too late. When you fail to change the filters in a timely manner, particles in the oil increase, silently reducing the service life of every component in the system. This ultimately leads to higher repair costs, including the motor and brakes, which can be damaged internally. A simple filter change can save a lot of time and costly service repairs. Wire Rope - Inspecting the cable sys- tem and how it is operating is another very important task. Performing a daily visual inspection is one of the cheapest inspec- tions an operator can perform. Another inexpensive way to find potential issues, is the tried-and-true "rag and drag" method. This is as simple as it sounds; just grab the wire cable and lightly move a rag slowly down its length. When a broken wire catches on the rag, you can visually inspect the cable for more breaks or internal damage. Be on the lookout for abrasions, corrosion, pitting, and lubrication inside the rope. A bad section of wire cable can damage not only your sheaves but can also lead to unexpected breaking while lifting heavy pumps. Spending a few min- utes to inspect the wire rope on your hoist can prevent additional damage and downtime due to a broken cable. Like any piece of machinery, regular maintenance of your pump hoist can alert you to potential problems before they actually happen, giving you the ability to find a solution before it’s too late. WTR Join the WWDR Team in Branson, Missouri, at this year’s WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™ . It’s this World ’s Best Trade Event for fun, education, and excitement! Like Karaoke? So do we! HERE’S AN IDEA !