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WorldWide SSUUPPEERR MMAARRTT™™ Call Now! 850-547-0102 Kathy 42 WorldWide Drilling Resourcce®® MARCH 2021 QUICK CASH MONEY Paid for Drill Rigs, Pump Hoists, Mud Pumps, Drill Pipe, & Bits. RENE HENDON Tel: 281-260-0880 120-120 Mobile B-33 gear drive rig, on doubleaxle trailer, front-rear slide, cathead and winch, 4-cyl. Ford industrial eng., trailer brakes, good condition. Pulled w/4WD Suburban..................................$15,000 Mobile B-30S, PTO hydraulic drive, has 2-way slide, mtd. on 1990 Ford F-450 LWB, 73,000 miles, new front tires on truck w/7.3 diesel......................$10,000 Other tools and augers available. Retiring this time - good starter rigs. Both located in SC. Pictures available. Call or text anytime: 803-324-5200 130-931 1992 CME-95 on Mack tri-axle. 1982 CME-75gas on 2006 Int’l under CDL. 2007 Geoprobe 7730 track. Geoprobe 5400on 4x4 Bobcat Toolcat. Geoprobe 5400 unmounted. 2008 Vacmaster 4000air knife on 2007 Int’l truck, small skidsteer mount rotary drill. Call Rich: 734-279-2059 130-1278 130-1293 2006 SIMCO Earthprobe 200, 25 hp Kubota diesel eng., percussion drive system, hydraulic Stanley SK-58 probe hammer, auger drill head (950 ft lb/125 max. rpm), 1-1/8” Hex box and includes U-joint 72” stroke mast/feed system (pulldown 10,175 lbs. max. 75 fpm/pullback 14,657 lbs. max. 0-52 fpm) $10,000 Tim Robinson 321-352-8969 220-919 Jerry’s Bit Service Inc. will meet your every drilling need. We service and sell tricone, PDCs, as well as hole openers. Rather rent a PDC? No problem. Got you covered. Our company wi l l repair your PDC regardless if it is a rental or purchase. (940) 683-2874 Fax: (940) 683-2874 Mobile: (940) 393-2394 Contact: Jerry Shoemaker Jerry’s Bit Service Inc. 771 CR 3591 Paradise TX 76073 USA 220-1279 We supply new and rerun PDC & tri-cone drill bits for HDD, water well, and geothermal drilling. We can repair your PDC bits in house. Call or e-mail us! 337-446-3230 220-1043 220-648 WorldWide Drilling Resource World R ®® WorldWide SUPER MAR Rates: $8.40 per line. Classified display (photo, box, logo included) p 1x $74.55, 3x $72.45, 6x $70.35, 12x $65.10. Add color to your ad, for $26.25 ($15.75 for 12 month commi Display Classified Quote: 12 Times 2” x $65.10= $130.20 + $.80 Round Up for Ed =$131.00 220-162 Call, Fax, or E-mail for Quotes PO Box 1067 Archer City, Texas 76351 940-574-2238 940-574-4977 Fax e-mail: Visit our website: USA Rock Bit classified 1-19 mds_Layout 1 12/4/2018 9:18 AM Page 1 220-822 WorldWide Worl S Rates: $8.40 per line. Class 1x $74.5 Add color to your ad 2” x = $14 May Issue Deadlines! Space Reservation: March 25th Display & Classified Ad Copy: April 1st