WorldWide Drilling Resource

14 MAY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Environmental Approval for Marimaca Copper Adapted from Information by Marimaca Copper Corporation Marimaca Copper Corporation announced in late 2020, approval for its new exploration campaigns, encompassing fur- ther drilling at the Marimaca Oxide Deposit (MOD) and exploratory drilling at the Marimaca Sulphide Target and broader Marimaca District. They are anticipating drilling on the exciting new targets identified through recent magnetic surveys indi- cating a major copper sulphide target in Antofagasta, Chile. The company successfully completed the Declaración de Impacto Ambiental (DIA) process. This included a rigorous environmental baseline study, including flora and fauna studies along with other potential environmental impacts indicating the project was unlikely to have any significant impacts on the local environment. Additionally, archeological baseline studies were completed with no relevant archeological findings. The company believes this approval will pave the way for less com- plex future permitting programs. DIA approvals cover almost 9400 acres of highly prospec- tive ground. These include defined district areas around the Marimaca Project, the Marimaca Sulphide Target, and all of the new targets generated to the north of Marimaca. A part of the approval granted construction of up to 365 drill pads over the next three years. Exploration work at the MOD will include an infill drilling campaign ahead of a prefeasibility study. Currently, the com- pany plans to complete the infill drilling sometime in 2021. To prepare for their drilling, Marimaca completed an induced polarization survey to refine drill hole location and orienta- tion along with downhole magnetic susceptibility measure- ments to identify possible drilling zones. Further surface geological work at the regional targets to the north of the Marimaca Oxide Project helped to pinpoint priority targets. Marimaca’s geological team conducted sampling and completed geological mapping, providing more granular detail of the key geological features of these targets. Hayden Locke, president of Marimaca Copper commented, “2021 is going to be an exciting year in our development as we hope to make another significant copper discovery to complement the unique Marimaca Oxide Deposit, which boasts industry-leading capital costs and bottom quartile all-in-sustaining cash operating costs.” EXB Marimaca open-pit copper oxide mine.