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9 MAY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® SOS from a Contractor by Troy Cunningham, President, Teddy Bear Timber Corporation Workforce of today To Whoever Finds This Important, I am a small business owner, also a retired Fire Lieutenant here in Florida. I find myself sitting here wondering why there are no people applying for a job. See, we had one of the worst hurricanes hit our area about 2-3 years ago. At the time, just before the storm, we had five employees. Just after the storm, when most businesses were having to keep their doors shut because they had no building to work out of, we hired five more employees to assist our community in rebuilding and also giving jobs to those who lost or needed a job. One year after the storm, we had only lost three employees. Then once COVID hit, we had only five employees; once the first assistance check was received, we had employees laying out. We decided we needed to bluff a drug testing (random) on our employees. Once we told them about this move, we had a mass exodus! We ended up with one employee left. Now, two months later, we have none. I am trying to understand why our government is paying people to sit at home, get a check, and spend the money on drugs, which causes problems all the way around. Also, some of these employees live in government-assisted housing that states you cannot have any illegal drugs in the house. These people are sharing videos online with them doing drugs in the house with multiple people. I didn’t mention the people have their young children in the room while doing the drugs. We have called the local police department about the matter, and they say the district authorities wouldn’t prosecute for this action. Also, the people are letting their kids live in pure filth (roaches, urine, garbage everywhere, and drugs on the counter). My main concern is that we, as a society, have created this problem by looking the other way. I know for a fact other com- panies, much bigger than mine, don’t care and turn a blind eye to this problem. Their motto is, “As long as the work is getting done, I don’t care.” Some of these companies are doing work for our government facilities. I, a rule, regulation, and law fol- lower, am the one penalized. See, if I fire someone, all they have to do is file unemployment and they will get it. Then my rates go up. We, as business owners, are held hostage and don’t know what to do. Your input would be greatly appreciated. What do we do as struggling American Business Owners? Please send replies to SOS from a Contractor to Trade Show Date & Location Changes! While the Made in America Team was excitedly preparing for the Made in America 2021 trade show event, it became necessary to make a major change to the venue. They are grateful to Detroit for allowing them the opportunity to host the event, but having to change the date from the first week of October to the third week, posed significant challenges to this year’s mission. The Made in America 2021 three-day event will start on Friday, October 1 (National Manufacturing Day 2021), in the new Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC), in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville has enjoyed a rich manufacturing tradition of excellence and is home to more than 1300 manufacturing companies. The city is also within easy driving distance of several major manufacturing hubs. Made in America 2021 has an audience of manufacturing professionals, celebrities, consumers, businesses, media, and government. There will be man- ufacturers from across the country showcasing high-quality, American-made machines and products. WWDR will be in Booth #252. For a link to this website, visit this page at: