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ZZZ DFNHUGULOO FRP PNYDVV#DFNHUGULOO FRP 16 SEPTEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® In Memoriam Bobby Joe “Bob” Hair Bobby Joe “Bob” Hair, 81, of Knoxville, Tennessee, passed away July 16, 2021. He was the founder of Hair’s Pump Service, which opened in 1976. A member of the South Knoxville Masonic Lodge #769, he was also a dedicated drill lieutenant of the Kerbela Motorcycle Unit since 1982. Bob loved the outdoors and fishing where he was considered “The Crappie Professor”. He was everyone’s good friend. Bob is survived by his wife of 22 years, Peggy; sons Danny (Ann), Sterling (Tabatha), Noah (Joy), Robert (Carol); daughters Leah (Kenneth), Peggy (Randy); grandson Wesley (Jana); 17 grandchildren; 27 great-grandchildren; sister Bridgett; and his dog and loving companion PJ. Ricky G. “Rick” Miller (1944~2021) Ricky G. “Rick” Miller of Plainview, Michigan, left this life July 7, 2021. He proudly served his country in the U.S. Marine Corps with two tours in Vietnam, earning a purple heart. For over 37 years, he owned and operated Rick Miller Well Drilling until his retirement in 2006. He would go out of his way to help others, often drilling wells for the elderly free of charge if they couldn’t afford his services. He enjoyed gardening, being outdoors, hunting, ice fishing, and looking for mushrooms. His favorite was spending time with family, teaching his children to shoot, and pulling a sled for kids behind his truck. Rick is survived by his wife Suzie; his children Tammy (Dan), Stephanie (Kevin), Lance (Bobby Jo), Tina (Mike), and Leon (Laura); grandchildren Daniel, Gil, Arianna, Ian, Mehl, Mari, and Caroline; and numerous extended family members. Lest we forget . . . Packers Essential to Methane Degassing in Coal Mines Adapted from Information by Aardvark Packers Packers are used in coal mines to enhance operations and safety. They are used to degas, vent, and direct methane gas away from new mine faces to ensure safe work environments before mining operations begin. Typically, a 4½-inch-diameter hole is drilled into the face or ribs of the mine, and gel is sometimes injected into the borehole to isolate the gas. An inflatable packer is inserted into the hole and inflated. The gas and related pressure can then be manifold- ed and directed out and away from the mine. Degassing boreholes can reach ten to 20 feet in length. When a packer is used to isolate the hole and vent the gas, a common setup uses a short packer with a 1¼-inch ball valve threaded on the end. The packer is placed in the borehole and inflated to around 150 psi. This pressure may vary. Usually, 9 psi to 55 psi are the norm. The most pressure ever recorded in a mine was 250 psi, and took place in a Pittsburgh seam several years ago. Coal mine operations. MIN