WorldWide Drilling Resource

30 SEPTEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Lifewater Drilling Technology j One-Man Operation j Lightweight, Towable j 21hp Honda Motor for Power j Hydraulic Controls j Drills Through Rock j No Air Compressor or Mud Pit j Drill Depth 450 Feet 540-869-1150 Flexible Pipe for Onshore Pipelines Adapted from Information by Baker Hughes Baker Hughes launched its next generation onshore com- p osite flexible pipe to address corrosion and cost of ownership c hallenges with conventional steel pipe in the energy, gas a nd oil, and industrial sectors. The flexible, lightweight, reinforced th ermoplastic pipe offers an economic and environmentally re sponsive alternative to onshore steel pipes for optimizing the c ore structure of flowline and gas and oil pipeline networks. O ne of the pipe’s main features is its spoolable design which m akes it easier, faster, and more cost-effective to transport a nd install compared to steel pipe. Installation also requires fe wer on-site support facilities and heavy vehicles, so it takes u p less width on a pipeline right-of-way while reducing envi- ro nmental impact on surrounding land. According to Hatem Haidar, global vice president of flex- ibl e pipe systems - onshore at Baker Hughes, “This pipe is th e result of our strategic investments for growth in innovative n onmetallic materials. We are committed to supporting safer, m ore efficient, and cost-effective technical solutions to serve e nergy sectors, and nonmetallics play a key role.” Baker Hughes’ onshore composite flexible pipe offers an e conomic solution for the transport of carbon dioxide and h ydrogen, as well as the conversion of existing infrastructure to carry gases. The pipe’s noncorrosive materials can also wi thstand contaminants without requiring chemical inhibitors, c orrosion monitoring and inspection, or disruptive repair work. This pipe technology draws on the company’s experience d eveloping advanced composite solutions for highly demanding of fshore environments. These solutions are now applicable for o nshore industrial sectors. The composite pipe will be manufac- tu red at Baker Hughes’ state-of-the-art facility in Houston, T exas. Covering 400,000 square feet, the facility will provide th ree to four times additional manufacturing capacity compared to the company’s current capacity for flexible pipe solutions. T he pipe will be available up to eight inches in diameter with a v ariety of liners, including nylon, polyphenylene sulfide, and high- d ensity polyethylene, delivering fluid pressures up to 2250 psi. A key feature of the pipe is its proven spoolable design. G&O REMEMBER! October Deadlines are almost upon us! Space is short ~ Get your advertisements in NOW to reserve your space.