WorldWide Drilling Resource

SEMCO S8,000H Pump Hoist, 46’ derrick, triple line option 22,000 pounds capacity, two-speed winch, hot shift PTO automatic transmission, pipe rack with ratchet straps - passenger side mount, hydraulic oil cooler, 1,500' capacity sand reel, remote control, auxiliary hydro valve, toolboxes, 12-foot steel flatbed, factory mounted on customer's Dodge 5500. Thank-you to our repeat customer: Heinrich Peters in Seminole, Texas. CALL OUR TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 800-541-1562 E-mail: PO Box 1216 7595 US Hwy 50 N Lamar, CO 81052-1216 Reply to: WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. PO Box 660 • Bonifay FL 32425-0660 850-547-0102 PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID ATLANTA GA PERMIT NO. 3592