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Managing Publisher/CEO/President: Veronica I. “Ronnie” Jones Vice President: Troy Cunningham Chief Marketing Officer: Ed Moranski Office Administrator: Michele Stevens Editor: Bonnie Love Associate Editor: Amy White Public Relations Professional: Sheryl Day Public Relations Professional: Jan Allen Representative: Marie Cunningham Editorial Contributors for this month: Mark Battersby Tim Connor Jim Kuebelbeck Thomas Kwader Ron Peterson Tim Rasmussen “Billy Bob Smith” Britt Storkson Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. Hyd/Eng Consultant: Thomas Kwader, Ph.D.,P.G. Consultant: Mary Ann Pelletier * Editorial contributions & advertisements include statements of fact and opinions that are the sole responsibility of the author and/or companies and do not necessarily imply any opinion of the owners, management, or staff of WorldWide Drilling Resource ® . Images may have been altered for clarity. Complete advertising information may be found at: www.worldwidedrillingr or by calling 850-547-01 02. 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Editorial contributions are welcome subject to editorial review.* WorldWide Drilling Resource ® reserves the right to refuse any advertisement . We Recycle Standing with our Drilling Industry Yesterday ~ Today ~ Tomorrow See you on the trail . . . NEXT UP - MINExpo, Las Vegas see you there Booth #29802; The Utility Expo in Louisville; and NDA in Concord. With Pen - Computer in hand . . . Veronica I. “Ronnie” Jones, 850-547-0102 The past few months have been a challenge to say the least. But, without chal- lenges, we certainly don’t grow. They actually make us stronger, like growing muscles when we physically do something we have never done before, or don’t do often. How, and why? Well, think about it. Challenges make the muscles in our brains work harder. The reason being, they make us stop and figure out the right courses (routes) to take to either go around the problem (challenge); or dive in and face it head on and really build muscles in our brains to accomplish what we felt was not accomplishable. Don’t take failure for granted. YOU don’t have to fail at anything. YOU are pow- erful. As a child, I was a Brownie Scout in New Jersey. I don’t even know now if they still have Brownie Scouts, it’s been so long ago. We learned many things, one of which was how to make a bed properly. Believe it or not, to this day, every time I make my bed and tuck the foot of the bed sheets in, I think of when and where I learned that. Okay, I know, “Ronnie, get on with the reasons here.” We learned the Scouts’ Motto; part of which is BE PREPARED! We may not be prepared for everything, but God gave us the brains to work on being prepared for whatever comes our way. AND, not only for that reason - but how to decide “I’m going to make a mouse trap.” and then “Now, I’m going to make a better mouse trap.” Get it? God gave us the power to think for ourselves and make our futures whatever we want them to be. Don’t take everything you receive for granted, for someone had to work very hard to be sure you had the knowledge to build your own future, and then to give to someone else, whether that be family, friends, charities, strangers; you name it. Why am I saying all this to you? Because I / WE believe in YOU and want you to know WE support your and this great industry and are hopeful you will continue to work hard for those who depend on you for water, gas, oil, mining products, environmental protection, heating and cooling, building, and oh, so much more. WorldWide is not quitting ~ it will be here for you. Drop us a line now and then and let us know how you are doing and what you would like to see in this great magazine. 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