WorldWide Drilling Resource

18 APRIL 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Company Name:____________________________________________________________________________________________ Name:___________________________________________ E-mail:___________________________________________________ Mailing Address:____________________________________________ City:_____________________________________________ State/Province:________________________________ Zip/Postal Code:_____________ Country:__________________________ Telephone:_____________________ Fax:____________________ Website:_________________________________________ IMPORTANT - Please Read: Member of: State Association(s):___________________________________ In an attempt to ensure our exhibitors and attendees enjoy the best experience possible at this Third Annual WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™, the following must be strictly adhered to: a. Person(s) not exhibiting under contract with WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. for this Third Annual WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™, shall not be permitted to market equipment, products, or services during this event (October 18-21, 2022). Such person(s) shall immediately be removed from the event’s facilities, their registration fee(s) forfeited, and any future requests to be a part of events under the management of WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. will be reviewed prior to any approval or denial to exhibit or attend. b. Any person(s), groups, or companies found to be disruptive during the course of this event, shall be immediately removed from the event’s facilities. Further, their registration fees shall be forfeited, and any future requests to be a part of events under the management of WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. will be reviewed prior to any approval or denial to exhibit or attend. Are you involved in? Const./Geotech. __ HDD __ Env. __ Expl./Blast __ Geothermal __ Shallow Gas/Oil __ Min. __ Water __ Badges: (Please list every attendee below as you wish their name badges to read. Attach a separate piece of paper for additional names.) Name:____________________________________________ Name:______________________________________________ Company:_________________________________________ Company:___________________________________________ Name:____________________________________________ Name:______________________________________________ Company:_________________________________________ Company:___________________________________________ How many? Badge Type Cost per badge Total Owner / Contractor / Manager $125 $ Spouse / Children (12 and above) - FREE No Charge $ Drill Crew Person / Employee $60 $ Student (with current Student ID) - FREE No Charge $ Nonexhibiting Manufacturer / Supplier / Representative $400 $ Total Due $ Method of Payment: American Express Visa Master Card Discover Card Card #:_____________________________________________ Security Code #:_____ Expiration date:________ Printed name:________________________________________ Card Billing address: _______________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signature:___________________________________________ Date: __________________________________ Tuesday Table Rock Lake Boating Event TBD How Many? _____ $ Tuesday Tour of the College of the Ozarks No Charge How Many? _____ 0 Wednesday Golf Outing TBD How Many? _____ $ Wednesday Ladies’ Day $35 each How Many? _____ $ Thursday Lunch and Dinner $75 each How Many? _____ $ Continuing Education Courses $35 each How Many? _____ $ Friday Lunch $15 each How Many? _____ $ HOTEL RESERVATIONS Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa and Convention Center • 415 North State Highway 265, Branson, MO 65616 Hotel Reservations: (417) 334-1161Group Name: WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. (DownHome DrillFest™ 2022) This beautiful resort is directly on Table Rock Lake with breathtaking views! Third Annual WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™ ATTENDEE REGISTRATION - 850-547-0102 October 18-21, 2022 • CHATEAU ON THE LAKE Resort Spa & Convention Center, Branson, MO