WorldWide Drilling Resource

22 APRIL 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® The GEFCO Team out in force. Halco had Perttu available to answer questions. Moab Bit & Tool Co. had Gavin & Justin to talk shop. Gary & Angie for Water for Life. Kurt, Rob, & Daniel represented Hole Products. Hank, Joseph, & Stefan represented Foremost Industries. Austin was there to represent Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A. Eric & Brian were ready to discuss the Pioneer Pump Puller. Givens International was well-represented. Great looking crew in the Service Wire booth. VANAIR® had Chip available to answer questions. The SEMCO crew was available to talk pump hoists. The WWDR Team enjoyed the show. Hope you got to talk with one of the Eijkelkamp crew. Infinity Tool Mfg. was well-represented by Todd, Michelle, James, & Bert. Did you get a chance to talk with the Rig Source crew? Mud Puppy had Cory, Kenneth, & Craig ready to talk shop. It’s always a pleasure to see Kevin & Sheila. Nick was in the Baski booth to talk about inflatable packers. Great to see everyone at Well-Vu! Bobby & Michael were anxious to talk to the attendees. East West had Michael & Laverne to talk equipment. Great looking crew representing Wyo-Ben! Lyle & Lennie are “Your Problem Water Specialists”. N & N Drilling Supply & Mfg. had a good crew on hand. Geothermal Associations for Wisconsin & Minnesota.