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24 APRIL 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Time for a Little Fun! Win a prize! Send completed puzzle to: WWDR PO Box 660 Bonifay, FL 32425 fax: 850-547-0329 or e-mail: michele@ Match the three-letter words on the right to complete the seven-letter words on the left. BAI L_ _ _ ANT CYCL_ _ _ ASH SUNS_ _ _ ONE VARI _ _ _ OUT UNLE_ _ _ POT March Puzzle Solution: ALLEN TORQUE MONKEY CRESCENT (WRENCHES) Contractor’s Benefit Auction Item Donation form In our continuing efforts to help our drilling family, the WWDR Team is asking for your help to donate items for our Contractor’s Benefit Auction. Proceeds from the auction will support struggling drilling industry families in need of financial assistance due to the loss of a family member, serious accident, or other unfortunate event. My donation details are included below. Company Name:__________________________________________________________________________________ Primary Contact:__________________________________________________________________________________ PO Box or Street Address:__________________________________________________________________________ City:______________________________________________ State:________________ZIP:_____________________ Phone Number:____________________________________ Mobile / Cell Number:_____________________________ E-mail:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Donation Item: __________________________________________________________________________________ Description of Item: ______________________________________________________________________________ Item Value: _____________________________________________________________________________________ If you wish to donate more than one item, please use a separate sheet of paper. To complete your donation, return this form by regular mail to: WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc., PO Box 660, Bonifay, FL 32425 -or- E-mail it to: -or- Fax it to: (850) 547-0329 Thank you for your support of families in the drilling industry. Your gift will be greatly appreciated by those who need it most. Third Annual WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™ October 18-21, 2022 • CHATEAU ON THE LAKE Resort Spa & Convention Center, Branson, MO 850-547-0102