WorldWide Drilling Resource

32 APRIL 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® With this type of remediation, also known as phytoremediation, costs are lower because only a few operators are needed, and the contaminated groundwater flows naturally to the surface without a need for mechanized pumping. In addition, the process, which includes 51 irrigation zones, is largely computerized for optimal evaporation efficiency. Christina Logan works with the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory collecting samples and analyzing tritium levels in irrigated soil. According to Logan, sampling and testing demonstrate nearly 90% of tritium within water applied to the pine tree farm is evaporated. Thibault noted that public concerns about managing contaminated water at SRS are understandable. “However, test results validate the level of tritium found within the plants and animals affected by this process are so low as to be insignificant. The fact is, optimal water levels are being maintained in the pond while the evaporated tritium becomes virtually immeasurable beyond the irrigated section of forest, much less at the site boundary.” SRS has worked to protect nearby waterways safely and cost-effectively for the last 20 years. “This project has been extremely effective, and the data supporting this success has been verified by South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control officials,” added Thibault. “This project represents what can be accomplished through the partnership of multiple organizations sharing the same vision, building on the unique contribution each provides.” Tree Farm continued from page 27. Want to MAKE A STATEMENT? ~ You are in the RIGHT PLACE! WWDR at your Service.