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5½x8 Gardner Denver mud pump, ready to use, extra swabs & liners..$25,000 307-214-7995 1120-1308 55 WWDRR / DBGD APRIL 2022 815-1314 Water Well Hydrofracturing Equipment & Supplies Frack Pumps jParts jRepairs Packers jInflate Pumps Frack Pipe j Handling Tools Hoses jMore 978-422-3341 815-742 Stocking Distributor of Service Parts 978-422-3209 For Your Hydrofracking Needs: Try Pentair Myers Aplex Series of reciprocating pumps; available in ductile iron, aluminumbronze, carbon steel, or stainless steel. 1120-120 GD & Wheatley 4x5 to 7x12 Complete Pump, Gearend, Fluidend RENE HENDON 281-260-0880 1125-576 360-477-0251 MUDSLAYER MFG. Built for Well Drillers by Well Drillers Where you come for Innovation 1125-870 Saving You Time, Money, and Equipment Wear MUD PUPPY CORPORATION PO Box 8522 Woodland, CA 95776 Office: 442-242-7507 1125-1099 1203-409 1203-567 Give your business a lift in the June issue! Deadline for Classified Ads in Doc’s Buyers’ Guide for Drillers™ : May 1st