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Portadrill 10TG 1965, 1HC, 190 gas 549, recent 6V71 deck eng., 256S2B comp. 805-377-1696 E-mail: 1330-2131 58 APRIL 2022 WWDR / DBGD 1330-1319 1972 Portadrill 10TK, mostly original rig, 8" retract table, 26' kelly, drawworks are hydrostatic, 6V71 deck eng., 3x4 mud pump, DR4 comp., water injector, oiler, stem rack for 15' stem, 42' tower w/racking board. Also have a 1978 Portadrill TLS. Call Mark at 831-724-1338 1330-1319 1984 Calweld 42M H.T., drawworks, 7.3 IDI diesel eng., (2) hyd. winches, 63’ kelly, 42” table, all hyd. hoses replaced June 2018, auto hyd. pull dump arm & rear dump, (2) rear outriggers w/hyd. extenders & (1) front outrigger, mtd. on 1984 Int’l F9370 4x6, w/400 Cummins engine. In great shape overall & ready to drill, just put on your bucket & start! (Also have a 150 and 200 Calweld.) Call 831-724-1338 ask for Mark. Third Annual WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™ Join the WWDR Team in Branson October 18th - 21st. Look for forms in this issue. Call 850-547-0102 or click on this box in our online issue. 1330-124 1330-2126 MudPuppyMP-170-25sc, (3) desanding cones and trailer, 760 hrs...........$54k Together Price...$175k 308-764-9054 Quickdrill 275 on 2001 International, 4X4, NEW engine, $14k NEW hyd. hoses, new trans., rebuilt Halco 2500SB, 700’ of 4” OD special high f low stem, subs, cone, drag bits....................$130k 1600-2129 Vermeer V800 vacuum excavation system mounted on 1997 Int’l 4900 with Mi-T-M hot pressure washer. (901) 385-1199 1705-120 QUICK CASH MONEY Paid for Drill Rigs, Pump Hoists, Mud Pumps, Drill Pipe, & Bits. RENE HENDON Tel: 281-260-0880 1330-1267 Aqua Bore G3 Pro Series Compact and powerful. Gas or diesel. Skid or trailer mounted. Phone: 612-616-4327 E-mail: Website: Find us on Facebook: Aqua Bore Rigs What’s the difference between a poorly dressed man on a tricycle and a well-dressed man on a bicycle? Attire. SOLD SOLD