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9 APRIL 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® New International Patent for Barbco, Inc. Barbco, Inc. was granted Patent No. 387289 in Mexico, for the Cutting Assembly for a Boring Device. This is a proud moment in the East Canton, Ohio manufacturer’s 32-year history of driving the trenchless technology, horizontal boring, and underground manufacturing industries forward with world-class equipment and cutting-edge technology. The FlexBor is designed to virtually eliminate frac-outs and inadvertent returns often associated with horizontal directional drilling and the use of bentonite as a slip agent lubricant. The Patent Abstract reads: “An apparatus and method for drilling an underground [borehole] where pressurized air may be used to discharge cuttings produced by a cutting assembly. The cutting assembly includes a shaft having first and second ends and a bore extending between the ends. First and second cutting heads are provided on the shaft a distance apart. The second cutting head is rearward of the first cutting head and is of a greater diameter. Each cutting head defines an air passage therethrough that is in fluid communication with the shaft’s bore. A housing extends rearwardly from the second cutting head and connects to a length of casing. An annular flange, concentric with the housing, seals the borehole as the cutting assembly rotates and moves forward through the ground. Cuttings generated by the assembly are moved therethrough and discharged from the casing by pressurized air provided to the assembly through the shaft’s bore.” For a link to this website, visit this page at: