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14 AUGUST 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® MRS XL MAX: Mighty Machine in a Relatively Small Package Adapted from Information by Eijkelkamp The MidRotoSonic XL MAX (MRS XL MAX) is an upgrade to the reliable CRS (CompactRotoSonic) XL platform and built to accommodate the MidRotoSonic 50K drill head in a relatively small package. The MRS XL MAX accelerates drilling to increase productivity. With its higher drilling speed and capacity, it is built to handle anything it encounters; even harder surfaces pose no challenge for the MRS XL MAX. The drill head vibrates and rotates simultaneously, making it the perfect tool for optimizing penetration rate. The drill has a true 150-hertz frequency and comes with a drill rod manipulator. The MRS XL MAX is suitable for a wide range of purposes including mineral sampling, environmental exploration, geotechnical sampling and testing, and seismic drilling. It can also be equipped with a variety of customized solutions. Available options include: k Standard penetration test auto drop hammer with blow counter on the control panel. k Casing lifter mounted on breakout clamp. k Pneumatic separators among different rod layers. k Duplex mud pump. k Steel tracks. k Swivel for liquid, foam, or air; 35 bar / 507 PSI. k Triple floatable clamp. k Rotatable jib with second winch. Greg Halliday from Eijkelkamp North America recently conducted training on the MRS XL 275 MAX with a crew from the Bureau of Land Reclamation. The agency is working on a project drilling and installing piezometers (instruments placed in boreholes to monitor the pressure or depth of groundwater) at Sugarloaf Dam just outside Leadville, Colorado. Halliday pointed out an important and well-received safety feature of the rig. He said, “The crew really appreciated the hands-free operation. No more sore backs and pinched fingers.” For more information on MRS XL MAX rigs, visit: ENV Authentic Drilling, Inc. performed a technical presentation of the MRS XL 275 MAX at the 2022 Shallow Exploration Drillers Clinic in Golden, Colorado. WWDR’s Bonnie Love attended the event and captured these photos.