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Drilling Fluid Pumps by Ronald B. Peterson Drilling Products Specialist, Mountainland Supply Company This month, we will discuss some of the many pumps used to handle drilling fluids. They each have an application where they may be a good choice. Centrifugal pumps are one of the most common. Centrifugal pumps are excellent for rapidly moving relatively clean fluids. They have limitations when it comes to viscosity, solids loading, and pressure requirements. If you choose to use a centrifugal pump, make sure you pick one designed to provide the functions you need. Centrifugal pumps do not handle well, a fluid containing high solids. High solids content will cause the pump to wear faster and the seals may fail more quickly. If you are using a centrifugal pump for a pickup pump, make sure it is one designed and built for that purpose. They do not work well with high-viscosity fluids such as grouts, which usually require higher pressure. Centrifugal pumps are not the best choice for a drilling fluid circulating pump, especially on deep, large-diameter holes. There are centrifugal pumps designed to provide higher positive pressure flow. Again, if you choose to use a centrifugal pump, make sure you pick one designed to provide the functions you need. Diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps, and somewhat better at pressure, but still do not like to handle well a high concentration of solids. Diaphragm pumps may have a pulsating flow. They are not the best choice for grouting, but can be used in some basic grout operations. Progressive cavity pumps handle high pressure fairly well, but do not do well with high concentrations of solids, especially if the solids are abrasive. Piston pumps are the best choice for a drilling fluid. Piston pumps come in multiple configurations: single, dual, and triple. They can be single or dual action. Piston pumps are a positive displacement pump capable of putting out high pressures. The type of action and number of pistons impact the rate of flow and the consistency of flow. Single action pumps may have a noticeable pulsating flow; dual action will have a smoother, more even flow. Dual piston or duplex pumps will be smoother than single piston pumps and triple piston or triplex pumps will be even smoother. We have only touched on the subject of drilling fluid pumps. There are many other things to take into consideration when making a pump choice, such as: Do you have space or weight concerns? Do you have the necessary power to drive the pump? How often will you have a job requiring the type of pump you are thinking of? Plan your equipment needs to address your drilling. Sometimes the best choice is to rent the pump for a specific job. As I often say, “A man has to know his limitations.” Working together, it is amazing where we can go. Enjoy the trip! If you have any questions on drilling fluids or if you have another topic you would like addressed, please remember this column is ours, help me make it of value to you. It needs to be an interactive tool and I need your feedback. Please send your suggestions to Michele (below) and she will get them to me. Ron Ron Peterson may be contacted via e-mail to WTR Nitrate Coated Premium Liners 5x6, 5x8, & 5x10 Gardner Denver 5-1/2x8 & 5-1/2x10 Gardner Denver 7-1/2x8 & 7-1/2x10 Gardner Denver Rods Heat-Treated & Chromed 5x6, 5x8, & 5-1/2x8 Gardner Denver 5x10 & 5-1/2x10 Gardner Denver 7-1/2x8 & 7-1/2x10 Gardner Denver New Pumps In Stock Gardner Denver 4x5 TEE Triplex. Gardner Denver 5-1/2x5 TEE Triplex Gardner Denver 4x5 or 4-1/2x5 Duplex Gardner Denver 5x6 Duplex Gardner Denver 5x6 Air Drive Duplex Gardner Denver 5x8 Duplex Gardner Denver 5-1/2x8 Duplex Gardner Denver 7-1/2x8 Duplex Gardner Denver 7-1/2x10 Duplex Gardner Denver 5-1/2x5 THE Triplex Gardner Denver 5x8 PAH Triplex Call for Prices. We Have a Variety of Brands of Mud Pump Parts and Power Units in Stock. Special or Obsolete Parts Made to Order. Cash for Surplus Mud Pumps. Rebuilt Mud Pumps 4-1/2x6 Gaso Duplex 4-1/2x6 Oilwell Duplex Gardner Denver 4-1/2x8 PA-8 Triplex Gardner Denver 5x6 Duplex Gardner Denver 5x10 Duplex Gaso 5x10 Duplex OVER 300 PUMPS IN STOCK Armstrong Machine Co. Inc. Pocahontas, IA 50574 USA 712-335-4131 ~ 24 Hours 7 Days a Week • Fax: 712-335-4565 800-831-4527 USA & Canada (8AM to 4PM Monday-Friday) Hydraulic Grout Pumps 5”, 6”, & 7-1/2” 30 AUGUST 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource®