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40 AUGUST 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® ~ Golf Outing ~ Day Excursion ~ Past Presidents’ Cruise ~ President’s Dinner ~ Presentations ~ Outdoor Rig Displays ~ Exhibits ~ Much More! For more information, call the NDA office 877-632-4748 or register online at Keynote Speaker: Former Pittsburgh Steelers player Charlie Batch Don’t Miss the TRX500 Foreman Four-Wheeler Raffle! Example ~ not actual prize. 2022 NDA Convention September 26-28 Pittsburgh, PA Act Now Special Rates available for the Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/Southpointe if you book by September 5, 2022! ing know they have been heard. They do this by repeating what was said, and asking relevant questions that get people to open up and talk more about their interests or issues. As clever storytellers, they can touch people’s inner feelings with just the right tale. People with charisma tend to be humorous, optimistic, and bold; they are quick-witted and can rapidly assess a situation, enabling them to identify connections such as creative solutions, and sometimes humor (charismatics are often funny and spontaneously so). Charismatic people maintain a positive mental attitude and broadcast their vision of a bright future. They tend to believe people are generally good, not evil. Their optimism makes them more persuasive because they anticipate positive outcomes; this also helps them in negotiations. They are often perceived as good problem solvers because they expect to succeed. Most of all, charismatic people are bold. They have confidence; and the certainty that comes from solid knowledge in their area of expertise. It enables them to speak authoritatively or with assertiveness, and convince or sway people to their way of thinking. Is it charisma, extroversion, or narcissism? Leaders are often extroverts and narcissists, but can they also genuinely be charismatic? An extrovert is outgoing, gregarious, sociable, friendly, talkative, and enjoys working in groups, but they aren’t necessarily trying to influence someone as does the charismatic person. An extrovert may also lack confident knowledge of the common values or goals. Narcissists are interested in influencing people, but they lack the empathy for the individuals in the group, which is eventually recognized and undermines their ability to inspire action. In closing, charisma is not something you are born with, it is a learned skill. You can become more charismatic by developing: confidence of your expertise; your amicability, listening skills, and empathy; and finally your communication power. Robert Robert is an innovation/change speaker, author, and consultant. He works with companies that want to be more competitive through innovation and with people who want to think more creatively. Contact him via e-mail to Wilson cont’d from page 26. The Clock Is Ticking . . . Unplugging it won’t stop TIME! Hurry! Renew your subscription today!