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21 DECEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Canada Invests in Geothermal Exploration Adapted from Information by the Government of Canada and Novus Earth The Government of Canada is advancing its transition to a low-carbon economy through strategic investments and innovative partnerships. As part of this commitment, the country is implementing smart renewable energy and enabling grid modernization technologies in various widespread communities to support the clean energy transition and the fight against climate change. Geothermal energy is one type of clean, renewable energy set to help Canada achieve its ambitious climate targets. Jonathan Wilkinson, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources recently announced a $5 million investment in Novus Earth to execute a front-end engineering design (FEED) study for the Latitude 53 geothermal energy project in the community of Hinton, Alberta. This project will combine geothermal energy with hydroponics and aquaculture to grow fresh produce and harvest seafood for the local region and Northern Territories. Funding provided for the project will assist Novus Earth in continuing geothermal exploration and provide critical resources necessary for advancement. Specifically, the funds will assist in derisking the project through technical feasibility and FEED studies, along with supporting community engagement and skilled training initiatives essential for success. Socioeconomic benefits to Hinton and surrounding Indigenous communities supported by the project are made possible through skill development, educational and curriculum opportunities, long-term employment, enhanced equality, diversity, and inclusion. Novus Earth is poised to build on the interest and activities supported by the town, province, and federal government to deliver an innovative energy and food security project. Novus Earth and Mitacs National Research Organization are also contributing to the project, bringing the total investment to nearly $6.6 million. Vertical integration of a closed-loop, deep well geothermal power plant and hydroponic food production system generates electricity and energy to supply fresh seafood and produce in all climates year-round. Images courtesy of Novus Earth. Novus Earth’s unique drilling design unlocks significant geothermal heat with baseload geothermal power plants to provide electricity and thermal energy for municipalities and businesses in Canada and across the world. GEO Water Well Swivels Aft Com Pip Pip Rot Sid ermarket pound e Thread e Spinners ating Heads e Inlet Swivels kingoiltool (580) 234-4 sales@kingtoo Rig 141 Parts Groundwater Week Booth 473 February Issue Deadlines Editorial: December 15th Space Reservation: December 25th Display & Classified Ad Copy: January 1st