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25 DECEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Groundwater Week Booth 767 Confined Space - A miner was fatally injured while working in a pan feeder under a chute. He was attempting to remove a piece of angle iron blocking the chute’s gate from closing. He climbed inside the feeder and reached into the chute to cut the angle iron with an oxygen acetylene torch. Suddenly, a mass of material from the surge pile fell through the draw hole, filled the chute and feeder, engulfing the miner. The victim died from his injuries a few days later. Following these best practices can prevent injury or death: j Do not allow miners to travel on or below material that is on or above the sides of a bin, hopper, or chute. j Provide mechanical devices or other effective means to protect miners from entrapment by caving material. j Provide and maintain a safe means of access for all working places. j De-energize, lock out, tag out, and block machinery or equipment against hazardous motion before performing repairs or maintenance. j Examine work areas and equipment. Correct defects, or report them to the operator. j Train miners to perform their assigned tasks safely. MIN