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Everything for your needs. Bentonite Bits ORSR# 22063 CETCO 2870 Forbs Avenue Hoffman Estates IL 60192 USA (800) 527-9948 Fax: (847) 851-1332 Mobile: (330) 360-4124 Contact: Todd Tannehill CETCO offers an array of products ranging from a wide assortment of drilling fluids, grouts, sealants, polymers, additives, slurry solidification products, to well rehabilitation products. Our experienced teamoffers drillers advanced technical support and continuous product development to meet the changing needs of this dynamic industry. Excellent service and support is a priority at CETCO! (M) ORSR# 22017 Bit Brokers International 5668 Logan Rd West Frankfort IL 62896 USA (618) 435-5811 Fax: (618) 435-2388 Contact: Chester Thomas Bit Brokers International prides itself on service and quality that is unmatched in the bit business. Our l ine of products includes tricones, hole openers, hammers and hammer bits, drag bits, sacrificial bits, PDC reamers, and PDC bits. Bit Brokers sel ls to al l 50 states and to over 82 countries worldwide serving industries such as construction, environmental, geothermal, oil and gas, water, mining, and HDD. (D)(S) ORSR# 22025 (M)(S) Drill King International, LP 820 S Sixth Ave Mansfield TX 76063 USA (817) 539-2500 (866) 900-BITS (2487) Fax: (817) 453-1263 Contact: Randy Broseh Drill King is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of “X-treme series” drilling tools for water well, oil & gas, mining/exploration, construction/foundation, geothermal, and other related industries. Products include DTH hammers, WAI water hammers, bits, hole openers, shock subs, casing advance systems, PDC bits, tricones, drag bits, and more. Custom sizes available. Distribution worldwide with quick response and minimal lead times. ORSR# 22018 (M)(S) Bitco, Inc. (661) 834-4348 Rod Henderson (661) 201-6259 Eran Henderson (661) 330-0790 • New & Used Tricones • PDC Bits • Hole Openers • Drag Bits & Claw Bits • Drill Collars • Bit Tipping • Subs & Stabilizers • HDD Bits & Reamers • DTH (Hammers & Bits) • Custom Fabrication BMS Legend (M) = Manufacturer (D) = Distributor (S) = Supplier B u y e r s M e e t S e l l e r s 2 0 2 2 - 2 0 2 3 Buyers Meet Sellers 2022-2023 ORSR# 22012 (M) Wyo-Ben, Inc. 1345 Discovery Dr Billings MT 59102 USA (406) 652-6351 Fax: (406) 656-0748 Contact: Stewart Krause Wyo-Ben, Inc. cont inues to provide high-quality sodium bentonite products throughout the world. Wyo-Ben’s products are the innovative results of field-driven solutions. Our knowledgeable Customer Service, Research, and Sales people are able to bring industry-leading products to the market place by being dedicated to the customer’s goal. manufactures re Blue Demon www tom.maechler@bluedemo Maechle Tom Contact: Fax: (660) 827-1261 (660) 829-0308 (800) 282Sedalia MO 65301 US 200 Randall Rd y, Blue Demon Compan (M) - mers for ho ing; as well ions; auger ic, shallow otary drag placeable r 6760 A Inc. rizontal boring. as directional pilot bits and rea bits for vertical and horizontal drill oil/gas, and construction applicat , seism bits for water well, quarry ORSR# 22037 carbide and PDC blades and r ORSR# 22038 (M) Mills Machine Company 201 N Oklahoma Ave Shawnee OK 74801 USA (405) 273-4900 (800) 654-2703 Fax: (405) 273-4956 Contact: David Church Mills Machine Company (est. 1908) is a custom manufacturer of earth drilling tools, bits, and related accessories for water well, geothermal, mining, environmental, and construction industries. Augers, drag, claw, & roller bits, subs, perforators, underreamers, hole openers, stabilizers, and fishing tools. 31 DECEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource®