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Grout Inflatable Packers lers 2022-2023 B u y e r s M e e t S e l l e r s 2 0 2 2 - 2 0 2 3 Insurance Hole Openers ORSR# 22029 (S) GeoPro, Inc. PO Box 136 Elkton SD 57026 USA (877) 580-9348 Fax: (877) 580-9371 Contact: Allan Skouby GeoPro, Inc. is the original developer of thermally-enhanced grouting materials designed specifically for the GSHP industry. Our PowerTEC, Thermal Grout Lite, and Select are the industry benchmarks for quality, consistency, and pumpability. We support our products through design assistance and field sample analysis to verify achieved thermal conductivity performance. ORSR# 22028 (M) Eastern Driller Mfg. Co., Inc. 105 Walnut St Columbia PA 17512 USA (800) 233-0173 Fax: (717) 684-2566 Contact: George Brookover II Go Tubeless. TheP5, P6, andP8 are our tubeless hammers that operate with standard QL bits. They run exceptionallywell under water with no hammer flood out. We manufacture hammers from 3.5” to 12”, horizontal hammers that drill 4-1/4”, 5-1/4”, or 6-1/4” holes, and stock a variety of bits for the hammers. ORSR# 22026 (M)(S) Drill King International, LP 820 S Sixth Ave Mansfield TX 76063 USA (817) 539-2500 (866) 900-BITS (2487) Fax: (817) 453-1263 Contact: Randy Broseh Drill King is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of “X-treme series” drilling tools for water well, oil & gas, mining/exploration, construction/foundation, geothermal, and other related industries. Products include DTH hammers, WAI water hammers, bits, hole openers, shock subs, casing advance systems, PDC bits, tricones, drag bits, and more. Custom sizes available. Distribution worldwide with quick response and minimal lead times. numahammers com www Contact: Neal Kuszewski (860) 923-9551 06277 USA Thompson CT Thompson Rd PO Box 348 • 646 Numa (M) Lubricators & Lubricants Ring Bit Systems Utility Pole Rock Drills Super Jaws Overburden Bits HDD Drilling Systems Reverse Circulation Hammers & Bits DTH Hammers & Bits . in diameter inches accessories for drilling holes 3½ - 50½ hammers, bi ts, and Made in the USA . . ORSR# 22044 ORSR# 22010 T&T Carbide, Inc. 17409 Lowry Ave Logan IL 62856 USA (618) 439-7253 Fax: (618) 435-4347 T & T Carbide, Inc. is a major manufacturer of vertical and HDD reamers and subs custom-built to the driller’s specifications. All tools are built in-house so we know they are built right. Our company has supplied all sizes and types of TCI and steel tooth rock bits for 47 years. We also pay top dollar for scrap/junk drill bits. Please let us know if we can be of service. (M)(S) ORSR# 22019 (S) Blackadar Insurance Agency, Inc. 1436 N Ronald Reagan Blvd Longwood FL 32750 USA (800) 838-3751 Fax: (407) 830-4681 Contact: Sissy LeClair Let our 30 years of water well drilling insurance knowledgework for you! Our water well drillers program coverages are with A.M. BEST A-rated insurance companies. We are licensed in 26 states and growing! When a claim comes, we are on your side! Contact us today; you’ll be resting easy with the right insurance coverages tomorrow! Hammers ORSR# 22047 (M)(S) QSP Packers LLC 13701 24th St E Unit A-9 Sumner WA 98390 USA (253) 770-0315 Fax: (253) 770-0327 Contacts: Mark or Ron Manufacturer/supplier of a complete range of Inflatable and Mechanical Packers sold in NorthAmerica, andWorldwide. They have manyuses: PressureGrouting, Single/Straddle Set-Up, Wireline/Core Drilling, Permeability Testing, Environmental Wells, Water Wells. Inflatable - smallest 1”-2” to largest 12”-18”. Mechanical - for Cased Wells or Smooth Boreholes 2” &4” StandardSize, andCustom Sizes areAvailable. Special Applications, call Technical Support, 6:30 am to 5:00 pm (PT). Packers ORSR# 22081 Baski, Inc. 4002 S Clay St Englewood, CO 80110 USA (303) 789-1200 Fax: (303) 789-0900 Baski, Inc. manufactures standard and custom-bui l t inf latable packers and hydrofracture packers for all applications; and downhole Flow Control Valves™ for Aquifer Storage andRecovery (ASR) projects. Baski also produces pitless units, cutthroat flumes, and other products for investigating, controlling, and producing the earth’s fluids at this Denver, Colorado-based company. (M) Mud Cleaning Shakers ORSR# 22097 Our customers are the best here at Mudslayer, and customer service is very important to us. We enjoy helping companies improve their drilling experience with better mud cleaning, reclaiming, and recycling issues. Our products provide easier jobsite upkeep saving your bottom line between labor and drilling supplies. We are here to help with a variety of Mudslayer units, Mudslayer lift pumps, parts, and are always available for consulting. You can call Jim LaPorte at 360-477-0251 or e-mail if you have any questions or need help. Mudslayer "Built by well drillers for well drillers." Mudslayer Mfg. (M) 37 DECEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource®