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44 DECEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Wednesday, January 4th 10:30am Shot Gun Start Golf Tournament 6:00pm - 9:00pm Vendor Setup (closed to attendees) Thursday, January 5th 8:00am - 11:30am Skeet Shoot 8:00am - 11:30pm Vendor Setup (closed to attendees) 12:00pm Registration & Vendor Display Open 1:30pm Welcome and Announcements 1:35pm - 4:30pm CEU Classes 4:30pm Vendor Social 6:00pm Banquet & Scholarship Auction Friday, January 6th 7:00am Breakfast / Vendor Visits 8:00am CEU Class 9:00am Break / Vendor Visits 9:30am - 11:30am CEU Classes 11:30am General Membership Meeting & Board Elections 12:00pm Lunch & Raffle Drawings 1:00pm CEU Class 2:30pm Closing Remarks / Vendor Visits Drawing Conference Adjourned (801) 541-7259 Mesquite NV by Tim Rasmussen Here it goes again - shipping another container to Guatemala and learning about all kinds of new rules, new prices, new procedures, new routes, all to get our material into Guatemala. Gary tried to make arrangements early so we could plan better. This proved not to be possible because of the very short windows of time the gates to a ship would be open. At one time, he was told we would have 24 hours once we were told a ship would have space for the container - 24 hours to get the container from Seattle, get it loaded, then back to Seattle, to get it onboard the ship. This would not work at all. A date was finally provided, but then it was pushed back three times. We were not sure when or even if the container would go. At last, a final date was set, but then we were told a suitable trailer could not be found. We always try and ship our containers right at the weight limit, nearly 56,000 pounds, but this time because of the lack of a trailer with the correct number of axles, the weight limit would be nearer to 44,000 pounds. Some of our cargo would have to go later. The morning of the supposed arrival of the truck, I called Gary to see if it was really going to happen. He told me the truck had been directed to Lincoln Boulevard in a town about 20 miles south of Spokane. Gary got that straightened out and the truck was finally headed to Lincoln Road here in Spokane. When it arrived, the loading began immediately. First were several pallets of bentonite, huge Gaylord boxes, cables, and various other kinds of material were loaded. Then came three layers of well casing filled with hundreds of feet of Schedule 120 PVC pipe for the pumps. Then a false deck of plywood was placed over the pipe and more pallets and boxes stacked on top. Gary had carefully pre-weighed all the items and made sure he was under the gross weight WTR Rasmussen Cont’d on page 46. from the WWDR Team! Ronnie Ed Michele Bonnie Sheryl Amy Linda Marie Troy