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52 DECEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® bottom line are living in an alternative universe. j Holding onto things for too long at the cost of team ownership - I call these “Sacred Cows.” Just because it worked 30 years ago, doesn’t mean it will work today or tomorrow. Wake up! j Overlooking the development desires of their people at the cost of turnover. When your people lose their loyalty, motivation, passion, etc., I don’t care how good your products or services are - you are heading for oblivion! j Avoid telling the truth at the cost of trust. Avoid the truth and the truth will avoid you! j Underfund employee programs at the cost of workforce stability. If you continually invest more in your structure, process, environment, etc. than your employees, sooner or later all of that previous investment will be a waste. I’ll close with a few 2022 common trends . . . Human Resources: addressing employees’ mental health. The U.S. labor market is experiencing a surprising phenomenon since the second half of 2021. Millions of workers are abandoning their jobs, creating a movement which already has a name: The Great Resignation. There are multiple reasons behind all these resignations - insufficient salaries, bad working conditions, the impact of the COVID pandemic - but the main focus is being set on employees’ mental health. This is an aspect a lot of companies have usually overlooked until now. Logistics and Supply Chain: Using Big Data to improve the business model. The year 2022 has not been an easy year for companies working in the supply chain industry. The uncertainty the pandemic brought, the increase in transportation costs, and the shortage of key production materials are some reasons why 2022 has been a very hard year for those working in logistics. Project Management: Including the rise of remote working in project planning strategies. After almost two years into the pandemic, remote working is here to stay even after the COVID-19 crisis ends. During the lockdown, remote working was not only an option, but the main solution for most companies to remain active. Now, a lot of organizations are using it because of its benefits. Business Innovation Trend: The creation of the Metaverse. The concept of the Metaverse has already been a business trend before 2022. Some consider it the future of human relationships. Others think it is a virtual reality project destined to fail, but what is certain is the biggest companies in the world are entering the Metaverse and are currently trying to figure out its uses. And finally, balancing AI (artificial intelligence) and human interaction, Hybrid vs. In-Office Working. AI is real but, in my opinion, it will never replace the value of human interaction. If your process is to over time reduce humans and increase AI - Good Luck. The new year - 2023 is just around the corner . . . are you ready for it? Have a safe andAmazing Holiday Season. Billy Bob Contact him via e-mail to michele@ Groundwater Week Booth 1719 Billy Bob Cont’d from page 50. Thank you for a great mag. Todd Symons Daly Bros Pty Ltd Queensland, Australia