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56 DECEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Groundwater Week Booth 665 a project,” said Wagner. “In addition to the letter that goes out before the project begins, door flyers should be distributed ahead of utility locating work. Sometimes, another flyer may be needed a day or two ahead of a crew setting up to work on a specific street. More communication is always appreciated. People want to know what a crew is doing there and whether it will damage their property or interrupt their daily routine.” Often utility companies keep these letters short and to the point - a simple overview of the high-speed broadband service which will soon be available in their neighborhood and information about when crews may start work. For many property owners, this may be enough, but it’s usually worth including additional details to answer questions before they’re asked. Wagner recommends including details about: k When the work is going to start on their street. k Where crews will be working on their property. k How the work will be performed. k What the crew may need to do to prepare ahead of time (locat- ing private lines). k How long the job will take. “Many property owners don’t understand what a public easement is, and that can lead to misunderstandings about where a utility crew is allowed to be on their property,” said Wagner. “Including language outlining that work will be done within the public easement and that workers may need to walk or move equipment around on their land to access that area can help prevent disagreements before they happen.” In addition, Wagner said people want to know how much digging is involved, so the letter should explain digging may occur to aid with locating existing utilities (potholing) and where utility pedestals may be placed. “Utility companies should also outline their plans for restoring these areas once the work is completed. This level of detail can help prevent the crew from having multiple conversations about it on-site when they are focused on the work at hand.” Vermeer Cont’d from page 55.