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CME 95, 85, 75, 550, 850, 75/Morooka Geoprobe 7730 & 5400 D-120, D-25, B-61, B-47, 22 Brat Call Rich: 734-735-1823 130-1278 WWDDRR / DBGD 59 DECEMBER 2022 S.E. Tennessee Water Services Co. We service and sell water pumps, water filtration, softeners, hand pumps, pond fountains, irrigation, solar pumps, spring systems, storage tank systems, and geothermal heat pumps for customers within 50 miles of Pikeville, TN. Located in a Tennessee Enterprise Zone. Check out: 4238813295forMPS/ or call (423) 618-0091 245-2145 Doc’s Buyers’ Guide for Drillers™ Where deals are made every day.™ Call: 850-547-0102 120-120 QUICK CASH MONEY Paid for Drill Rigs, Pump Hoists, Mud Pumps, Drill Pipe, & Bits. RENE HENDON Tel: 281-260-0880 220-162 Call, Fax, or E-mail for Quotes PO Box 1067 Archer City, Texas 76351 940-574-2238 940-574-4977 Fax e-mail: Visit our website: 220-1279 We supply new and rerun PDC & tri-cone drill bits for HDD, water well, and geothermal drilling. We can repair your PDC bits in house. Call or e-mail us! 337-446-3230 220-919 Jerry’s Bit Service Inc. will meet your every drilling need. We service and sell tricone, PDCs, as well as hole openers. Rather rent a PDC? No problem. Got you covered. Our company wi l l repair your PDC regardless if it is a rental or purchase. (940) 683-2874 Fax: (940) 683-2874 Mobile: (940) 393-2394 Contact: Jerry Shoemaker Jerry’s Bit Service Inc. 771 CR 3591 Paradise TX 76073 USA 220-822 Groundwater Week Booth 1719 220-712 220-648 Groundwater Week Booth 869 220-2125 Office: 580.628.3093 John Linton, President: 580.628.1605 Jimmy Linton, VP: 580.628.1619 Jay Foster: (sales) 580.628.7381 Find the Perfect Bit