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63 WWDR / DBGD DECEMBER 2022 815-742 Stocking Distributor of Service Parts 978-422-3209 For Your Hydrofracking Needs: Try Pentair Myers Aplex Series of reciprocating pumps; available in ductile iron, aluminumbronze, carbon steel, or stainless steel. 805-742 Groundwater Supply Co. Inc. Phone: 978-422-3209 Authorized distributor for: Atlas Copco, Bulroc, EDM, Halco, Mincon, Robit, Rock Hog, Rockmore, Sandvik Mission Rock Drill Hammers & Bits 1120-120 GD & Wheatley 4x5 to 7x12 Complete Pump, Gearend, Fluidend RENE HENDON 281-260-0880 1125-576 360-477-0251 MUDSLAYER MFG. Built for Well Drillers by Well Drillers Where you come for Innovation Groundwater Week Booth 301 1125-1099 Groundwater Week Booth 501 1125-870 Saving You Time, Money, and Equipment Wear MUD PUPPY CORPORATION PO Box 8522 Woodland, CA 95776 Office: 442-242-7507 Groundwater Week Booth 757 815-1314 Water Well Hydrofracturing Equipment & Supplies Frack Pumps j Parts j Repairs Packers j Inflate Pumps Frack Pipe j Handling Tools Hoses j More 978-422-3341 1119-2154 WALTHALL MANUFACTURING Navasota, TX 281-414-6117 We offer a full line of fluid end expendable mud pump parts. Liners, pistons, rods, rubber products . . . Servicing Gardner Denver, Wheatley, Gasso, and more. 100%manufactured in Texas and the longest lasting liners and rods in the industry! We stock! “Quality American Manufacturing” What determines when a well will go dry? A well is said to have gone dry when water levels drop below a pump intake. This does not mean the well will never have water in it again, as the water level may come back through time as recharge increases. The water level in a well depends on a number of things, such as the depth of the well, the type (confined or unconfined) of aquifer the well taps, the amount of pumping occurring in this aquifer, and the amount of recharge occurring. Wells screened in unconfined water table aquifers are more directly influenced by the lack of rain than those screened in deeper confined aquifers. A deep well in a confined aquifer in an area with minimal pumping is less likely to go dry than a shallow, water table well. Alphabet comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha + beta.