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15 JULY 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Nitrate Coated Premium Liners 5x6, 5x8, & 5x10 Gardner Denver 5-1/2x8 & 5-1/2x10 Gardner Denver 7-1/2x8 & 7-1/2x10 Gardner Denver Rods Heat-Treated & Chromed 5x6, 5x8, & 5-1/2x8 Gardner Denver 5x10 & 5-1/2x10 Gardner Denver 7-1/2x8 & 7-1/2x10 Gardner Denver New Pumps In Stock Gardner Denver 4x5 TEE Triplex. Gardner Denver 5-1/2x5 TEE Triplex Gardner Denver 4x5 or 4-1/2x5 Duplex Gardner Denver 5x6 Duplex Gardner Denver 5x6 Air Drive Duplex Gardner Denver 5x8 Duplex Gardner Denver 5-1/2x8 Duplex Gardner Denver 7-1/2x8 Duplex Gardner Denver 7-1/2x10 Duplex Gardner Denver 5-1/2x5 THE Triplex Gardner Denver 5x8 PAH Triplex Call for Prices. We Have a Variety of Brands of Mud Pump Parts and Power Units in Stock. Special or Obsolete Parts Made to Order. Cash for Surplus Mud Pumps. Rebuilt Mud Pumps 4-1/2x6 Gaso Duplex 4-1/2x6 Oilwell Duplex Gardner Denver 4-1/2x8 PA-8 Triplex Gardner Denver 5x6 Duplex Gardner Denver 5x10 Duplex Gaso 5x10 Duplex OVER 300 PUMPS IN STOCK Armstrong Machine Co. Inc. Pocahontas, IA 50574 USA 712-335-4131 ~ 24 Hours 7 Days a Week • Fax: 712-335-4565 800-831-4527 USA & Canada (8AM to 4PM Monday-Friday) Hydraulic Grout Pumps 5”, 6”, & 7-1/2” Environmental Monitoring by Thomas Kwader, Ph.D., P.G. Owner, Qwater Well Developer and WorldWide Drilling Resource® Hydrogeologist Drilling is Hard Work - Heat Makes it Tougher If I timed this article right, the hottest time of the year will soon be upon us. Having been involved with well drilling and the groundwater business nearly 50 years across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, I often dreaded most the afternoon heat. Many of us have been there. The morning starts out on the cool side, pleasant weather, in a light jacket. Then it happens - the breeze quits blowing, temperatures start rising, and the sun is directly overhead. The jobsite, like most jobsites, is in the middle of a cleared field without a tree or shade in sight. As the temperature climbs, the work tends to get harder and further behind schedule. As the day wears on, the crew becomes more tired - which can lead to carelessness. The probability of an accident increases with the rise in temperature and number of hours worked. I hesitate to point out the obvious, but the repetition of tasks often leads to complacency and occasionally carelessness as well. Fortunately, machines, or in this case drill rigs, can perform safely for prolonged periods of time without missing a beat. The heat of the day does not seem to bother the machines! We are, however, not machines. As we overheat, there is medical proof that as the body temperature rises, we begin to become tired. Dehydration and loss of the body’s electrolytes takes a toll on our reflexes, muscle ability, and thought processes compared to how we started the day. Accidents and “miscues” are more likely to occur. To minimize the probability of an accident and/or injury, based on site conditions, it is recommended we should do the following: Take a break every 60 to 90 minutes to break up the monotony, rehydrate, and cool down your body temperature. Walk around, stretch, drink water or sports drink with electrolytes and sodium, find some shade or cooler air, and get away from the noise. This may also be a suitable time to assess the site for safety issues or any changes which may have occurred relating to the work plan. Take this time to assess your coworkers for fatigue or overheating, which can affect their ability to not only work safely, but their own personal well-being. Tom Tom Kwader may be contacted via e-mail to ENV