WorldWide Drilling Resource

32 JULY 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® maximize data from drill core samples, enabling characterization across scales from big picture analyses . . . of drill core through to the elemental composition of rock on a microscale.” Extracting more data from drill core analyses will help unlock Australia’s critical minerals by providing information driving key decisions for discovery, mining, and processing of resources. “This facility will give researchers and their industry partners the tools to discover and recover . . . quality resources required for Australia,” added Dr. Hough. CSIRO’s Geoscience Drill Core Research Laboratory is a test bed platform providing a place for the research community to work with industry in developing new workflows to enhance success and productivity in mineral exploration and mining while working on collaborative projects. According to Nicole Roocke, CEO of the Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia, the laboratory will support industry and researchers working together to develop a better understanding of Australia’s mineral endowment. “Faster analysis of drill core by a range of cutting-edge techniques in this facility will speed up the development and testing of new ideas about how mineral systems develop and help our leading researchers identify new clues to recognizing undiscovered ore bodies,” said Roocke. The facility will also provide a new training ground for students supporting development of the next generation of geoscientists to become innovators for the resources sector. Researchers are given the ability to derive more data and knowledge from drill cores to unlock Australia’s critical minerals. One-of-a-kind continued from page 29.