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34 JULY 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Is it Time to Ditch the Tow-Behind Compressor? Adapted from Information by VMAC Tow-behind air compressors took the world by storm after World War II, when they met a simple need: providing compressed air, wherever you want it. Tow-behind air compressors gained their initial popularity in the mining industry powering rock drills, but were soon adapted for other industries. Pneumatic technology evolved quickly, and the limitations of tow-behind air compressors became apparent. Manufacturers began to look for new ways to solve these problems, and in the 1980s, companies began to invent new air compressors that would revolutionize mobile air once again. Today, workers who need compressed air have a medley of compressor options, many of which make more sense than a tow-behind. Let’s talk about nine reasons you may want to ditch your tow-behind air compressor: Hassle-free driving and parking - With a tow-behind air compressor, you have to become a bit of a pro at dragging a trailer through busy highways, reversing without jackknifing, and circling jobsite lots until you find a suitable parking spot. When you ditch your tow-behind air compressor and switch to a vehicle-mounted air compressor, driving, reversing, and parking all become second nature again. Improved access to jobsites - Dropping your tow-behind can improve access to essential jobsites. Trailers don’t tend to do well in tricky environments, requiring additional time and care to get to the work site - if accessible at all. Free up your hitch - Tow-behind compressors take up a seriously underrated asset on your vehicle: the tow hitch. A lot of equipment can only be transported by a hitch. If the air compressor is taking up the hitch, you’ll need to make other arrangements to get the equipment to the jobsite. Always having an air compressor with you - Imagine this: you’ve just arrived at the jobsite only to realize it needs the air compressor you left behind. What a hassle! With a mobile air compressor system mounted to the truck itself, if you need air, it’s there. Fewer safety checks and measures - In addition to the physical baggage associated with a tow-behind, is the need for extra safety precautions. The hitch, taillights, and tires all need frequent checks and, if any of these parts are failing, you’re not going anywhere. Throw in tow bar regulations, a larger blind spot, and the need to monitor the compressor itself, and you’ve got a lot of extra safety checks in your day. Let’s not forget about thieves; they often target tow-behind compressors because they can be stolen in just a few minutes. However, compressors mounted directly to a vehicle are significantly harder to take, and UNDERHOOD™ air compressor systems are practically impossible to steal. Less engine maintenance - Tow-behind air compressors require their own engine, which means you’ll have two engines, one for the compressor and one for the truck, requiring maintenance for every tow-behind compressor. While some mobile air compressors require a separate engine, many don’t. Modern air compressor innovation has focused on utilizing existing energy sources to power mobile air compressors. Finish your jobs fasters - Time is money! The faster you finish your work, the more time you have to wrap up your “to-do” list and move on to the next job. Tow-behind compressors take time to position, set up, and use properly. When you upgrade to an UNDERHOOD™, underdeck, or abovedeck mobile compressor, you’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to get a job done. In some cases, the prep is as fast as flipping the “on” switch and grabbing the tool, while the job itself can be just as quick. Enjoy fuel & weight savings - Tow-behind air compressors are notorious for being overweight monsters, and they got the reputation for a reason. A relatively small tow-behind compressor can weigh about 1650 pounds. By contrast, the UNDERHOOD™ 150 air compressor provides similar airpower and only weighs 200 pounds. Choosing a lightweight air compressor means you’ll add more tools and equipment to your truck, carry more materials, and take advantage of better fuel economy. Discover more innovative alternatives - One of the best reasons to ditch a tow-behind air compressor is better options exist! Vehicle-mounted compressors can deliver more than enough air for light- to medium-duty applications and do so in a significantly smaller, lighter, and more compact system than a tow-behind. With modern compressor technology, you can enjoy all the benefits of mobile air while freeing up cargo space, reducing gross vehicle weight, and working more efficiently. GEO For more information call: (270) 786-3010 or visit us online: All New! Atlantis-Pro Vault • Traffic-Rated Capable • Simple installation • Trouble-free operation Booth 1907