WorldWide Drilling Resource

50 JULY 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Adapted from Information by the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) The Mine Safety & Health Administration urges all mine operators and contractors to be aware of hazards associated with electricity. Follow these best practices to prevent electrical accidents: n Lockout / Tagout circuits before working on electrical equipment. n Don’t rush. Never work alone. Talk to coworkers and confirm your plan is safe. n Identify and control all hazardous energy sources before conducting any task and follow safe work procedures. e Open the circuit breaker or load break switch to de-energize the incoming power cables or conductors. e Open the visual disconnect to confirm incoming power is off. e Lockout / Tagout the visual disconnect. e Ground the de-energized conductors. n Train miners on equipment they may use. n Electricians must know how to deenergize and disconnect electrical systems and equipment. n Always troubleshoot without power first. n If you must troubleshoot an energized circuit, use properly rated personal protective equipment to prevent hazards. For example, use electrically rated gloves, insulated blankets or mats, and polycarbonate barriers to prevent accidental contact with energized components. MSHA Safety Tips Electricity MIN