WorldWide Drilling Resource

23 JUNE 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® by Gary Bartholomew, from Tim Rasmussen We Appreciate all the Help! In the course of operating a 501(c)(3), we are always encouraged by suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, and wholesalers who give us a boost by helping in various ways. Some supporters give a discount on supplies and only charge their cost. Others donate items when we place an order; donate complete orders of supplies; allow us to purchase directly from the manufacturer, then do not charge shipping when our order ships with their stock order; or donate used equipment in good working condition. Our examples could go on and on as we continue in our 17th year of providing safe water to Guatemalan villages. As soon as I begin listing companies, I realize I’ll miss someone and my sincere apology for that, but I must give an attempt to list these generous donors. Here are those who come to mind: Mitchell Lewis and Staver, Edge Construction Supply, 2M Company, H2O Well Service, Baker Manufacturing Company, Design Outreach, Preferred Pump, CETCO®, PQ Products, Norlift, H.D. Fowler Company, and Norco. My hat is off to these fine companies who help us assist those in critical need of safe water. Water For Life is growing and progressing, and our focus now is training Nationals to drill. By training a local team, we were able to drill all year in 2021, instead of solely the three or four months our American volunteers are there in the winter. We look forward to another full year of drilling in 2022, with training/mentoring being our priority. The crews did well on mud rotary, cable tool, and installing hand pumps, submersibles, and solar pumps. They kept up on maintenance and accomplished upgrades on the equipment during the year. Also, a big thank-you to those who support this project financially. I’ll not forget the drilling professional who had 1000 feet of new 6-inch steel casing delivered to our Spokane yard, or the sharathon at local radio station Shine 104.9, which is a big boost each year. We couldn’t do it without those of you who partner with us!! Also, if you wish to mentor a mud drill or cable drill operator or pump man, be sure to contact us through this publication. Gratefully, Gary Bartholomew [Contact Gary at 509-939-1941] Tim Tim Rasmussen may be contacted via e-mail to WTR