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24 JUNE 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Change by Tim Connor It has been said, the only thing certain in life is its uncertainty. Change is constant and unrelenting. Few people are comfortable with change. The problem is really not that people resist change, but resist change when they believe it causes them to lose control of some aspect of their life. If we resisted change, we would never do anything. We would never buy anything new, travel anyplace new, start a new job, get married, get divorced, have kids, or eat in a new restaurant. As I said, we only resist change when it threatens our sense of control over our life. We all want to control certain aspects of life - our health, security, safety, happiness, well-being. The problem is, you can’t stop change as long as you choose to get out of bed each day. So what’s the answer to better coping with change in your life? Accept it as part of the ebb and flow of life itself. See all change as good. See all change as helping you grow, become, and learn whatever life wants you to learn at this point in your life. In His service, Tim Tim Connor may be contacted via e-mail to