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28 JUNE 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® When HDD Goes Vertical: Drilling for the Romsdalen Gondola Adapted from Information by Vector Magnetics The Romsdalen Gondola, a state-of-the-art electric cable car in Norway, began welcoming visitors in 2021. However, before people could enjoy this attraction, a service conduit was required to provide restaurants and other services atop Nesaksla mountain with electricity, gas, and water. Prime Horizontal completed the project with guidance services provided by ParaTrack horizontal directional drilling (HDD) tools. From a 90-degree entrance angle on the banks of the fjord below, the bore rose approximately 2264 feet over only 4396 feet of total distance, punching out near the mountain’s peak at an exit angle of 140degrees with no room for error. The bore was guided by a combination of technologies. ParaTrack2 wire guidance gave an independent verification of location for the first 1148 feet of drilling. The Gyro Module was then used to keep the bore aligned for the nearly 2625-foot span where secondary verification was impossible. With a small available footprint and steep slopes, a specialized Large Field Beacon (LFB) was used as the secondary verification system prior to punch-out. The LFB verified bore location and gave the drilling contractor enough time to correct and execute a punch-out directly as intended. The unique trajectory and narrow acceptable exit window left the project especially sensitive to variations in inclination. An At-Bit Inclination Assembly was run, alerting the contractor of any changes in inclination at the bit as they occurred, and allowing immediate corrective action. The Romsdalen Gondola project required a willingness to think resourcefully and tackle challenges in an unconventional manner. With excellent teamwork, the project was completed successfully. Thanks to innovative HDD, the gondola allows passengers to experience breathtaking views on their way to attractions up the mountain. Bore path taken for the Romsdalen Gondola project. DIR Photo of the Romsdalen Gondola courtesy of Mountain States Dealmakers Send your deals to: michele@ The SEMCO of Lamar, Colorado, pump hoist purchased by Reliant Well Drilling and Pump Corp. fromArizona, was shown by the SEMCO Team. SEMCO, Inc. Albin, wife Joyce, and Randy with Pulstar Manufacturing/Preferred Pump of Dodge, Nebraska, with Gary of Don Pedro Pump of Turlock, California, and his second Pulstar P20HD pump hoist. Pulstar Manufacturing/ Preferred Pump