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11 MAY 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Drilling in Restricted Access Areas Adapted from Information by Borehole Solutions Numerous situations can make restricted access drilling necessary. A heavy-traffic urban setting may come to mind; but realistically, a rural setting is just as likely to have these conditions. Should a site be difficult to enter, a rig designed speci f ical ly for rest r icted access is l ikely to be required. Some restricted access scenarios include, but are not limited to, micropiling, open borehole sampling, cable percussion drilling, sonic drilling, installation of retrofit geoexchange units, hollow stem augering, and window sampling. It is important to note the marked difference between limited and restricted access drilling. Limited access refers to limitations which impede the operator from using equipment they already have in place, while restricted access refers to difficulty when accessing the site in the first place. Several considerations come into play with restricted access drilling: Urban areas - An urban setting could mean anything from entering an underground tunnel to drilling in the midst of traffic. Depending on the site, there may be no more than a few square feet to work with, in which case, a conventional rig will not be suitable. Restricted access rigs allow the unit to be dismantled and remantled, offering portability. Should the issue be the width of access, a mounted rig would be more suited to the task at hand. Headroom considerations - Height restriction may also be a factor. At locations with minimal headroom, whether from a rural overhead canopy or an urban setting with a low ceiling, restricted access drilling solutions can help solve issues. For example, telescopic masts make it possible to drill in spaces with only a couple of feet of headroom. Rig safety - Of course, safety is paramount in the drilling industry. As such, the vast majority of restricted access rigs are fitted with hydraulic breakout clamps. These are essential in cramped conditions, as they negate the need for the drill operator to be completely hands-on when operating. They also mitigate the risk of injury. Leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible is important to keep in mind as well. Naturally, any drilling will create some level of disturbance - this is inevitable. However, a modular, portable rig will keep disruption to a minimum. Editor’s Note: In between our print issues, the WWDR Team prepares an electronic newsletter called E-News Flash by WorldWide Drilling Resource®. This newsletter is filled with articles not included in our print issue. Based on readership, this was the most popular article of the month. Get in on the action and subscribe today at: C&G Borehole Solutions used the SmallRotoSonic PL (SRS-PL) rig by Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill to complete the job inside a pub. Mfg., Scree Atlan Inc. n & tic E-mail: atlantic@ce Atlantic-Screen.c Manufactu 302-684-3197 Manholes j Pipe Clear PVC j Inline Chemical Mixers j ell Rehabilitation Produ jW .net om rers cts DE 19968 Milton, 142 Broadkill Rd ½” - 24 ranging f Perforated of Slotted Fax: 302-384-0643 more! MUCH And j Bailers Sampling j Locking Caps j Filter Sock j Bentonite j ” rom Pipe and June 2-4, 2022 ~ Look for the WWDR Team at Booth #104 at the Florida Ground Water Association Annual Convention & Trade Show at the Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate, in Orlando, Florida. Visit See more events at online issue. Are you planning to go? WorldWide will be looking for you! If you haven’t already sent in your subscription form to receive this great resource in PRINT as well as ONLINE, please do so now. Help us deliver it by sending only $1.00 USD per month (just $12 per year) POSTAGE. We thank-you.