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21 MAY 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® The Un-Comfort Zone II by Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. The Opposite of FEAR (It’s not what you think.) In this space, I’ve written about fear several times: how it is the most powerful motivator; how it can be used to manipulate people; how it can drive some people to seek power; and how it can establish lifelong limiting beliefs when we’re exposed to it as children. In this article, I’d like to consider the opposite of fear. Discovering the Opposite Requires Identifying the Circumstances - Fear, however, does not exist in a vacuum; there must be some environment or situation (which could be perception) that causes fear, which we should consider when asking, “What is its opposite?” For example, there are real dangers (such as a charging lion that would strike terror in pretty much anyone) that are obvious. However, there are also varying levels of fear that are less conspicuous than terror which also exist, such as anxiety, uneasiness, apprehension, and panic. When considering the opposite of fear, the first word that usually pops into people’s heads is courage or bravery. People who are behaving courageously can, however, still be afraid and often are, but feel their behavior is necessary because of a higher emotion, such as the desire to save the life of a loved one from a burning building. Therefore, courage cannot be the opposite of fear. Wilson continued on page 24.