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24 MAY 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® An observer, from a lack of understanding, might project a subjective assumption of courage on a person who is actually cool, calm, and composed. For example, think of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, who would pick up and hold the world’s deadliest snakes with aplomb. If You're Still Afraid, it's not the Opposite - Others have said faith is the opposite of fear, but like courage - while you may have faith that someone or something will save you - it doesn’t mean you are not afraid until the danger abates or you are rescued. Control is not the opposite of fear, although many political leaders think so (see my article: Fear vs. Power, WWDR May 2013), by attempting to deal with their fear by controlling their environment and the people within it. The Absence of Fear Does Not Come First - Some say it is calm, contentedness, happiness, or joy, but these things only come in the absence of fear, so they are not opposites. If you can be calm in the face of something frightening you, then you have already taken the preliminary steps which have removed your fear - which I will explain in a moment. Some say it is stoicism, but just because you can be indifferent to something, or suffer through something, does not mean you are NOT afraid, you merely bear your fear, as you bear your suffering. Therefore, stoicism cannot be the opposite of fear. I heard it said denial is the opposite of fear, but denial only delays fear, it still exists if the problem causing it is real. Do they mean by denial, someone who doesn’t believe the dilemma exists that should cause them fear? If so, have they investigated it, and reached a logical conclusion? Perhaps it’s not denial, but understanding. Perhaps the perception of denial is, in fact, ignorance and projection. Could ignorance be the opposite of fear? No, ignorance is only bliss until something you don’t fathom - or weren’t aware of - scares you. It's About How You Deal With Fear - The opposite of fear is knowledge and understanding, but it begins with curiosity, which initiates an investigation, which leads to learning, which in turn, creates knowledge and understanding. Steve Irwin didn’t just pick up the first venomous snake he saw; he studied their traits and characteristics, and learned about their strengths and weaknesses. He operated from a position of knowledge. When something frightens you, a willingness to question things before accepting them or jumping to conclusions is the beginning of how you overcome fear. Courage and confidence, bravery and derring-do, come later; they come after research, examination, and analysis. Failure to Ask Questions can Make the Situation Worse - The problem with not analyzing fear is when people become frightened, they will follow anyone who assures them they can make them safe; and this is a huge danger which has led many people to their doom. Politicians, the media, and makers of commercials know this and will take advantage of your fear if you are unwilling to question their authority. Do you know someone who appears to be less fearful or not fearful at all, when everyone else is terrified? Why is that? Are they ignorant; stoics; or deniers? Or do they have knowledge and understanding? Ask questions; free yourself from fear. Robert Robert is an innovation/change speaker, author, and consultant. He works with companies that want to be more competitive through innovation and with people who want to think more creatively. Contact him via e-mail to michele@ Wilson continued from page 21. Dealmakers Father-Son Team of Errol and Cooper Choate of JR Choate Pump Service in Pleasant Hope, Missouri, are proud of their new 2021 Hunke 5T pump hoist. Cooper is the third generation in the business.