WorldWide Drilling Resource

35 MAY 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Milestone Reached for Scotland Wind Farm Adapted from Information by Seagreen Wind Energy Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm is under construction, and contractors reached a milestone with the completion of its horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations. This work was a key part of the project providing a pathway to install cables required to transmit electricity generated from the wind farm. HDD was used to insert ducting at eight locations along the onshore cabling route between landfall at the coast of Carnoustie and the project’s new substation currently being built at Tealing airfield. A number of crossings were completed with HDD, including several major roads, waterways, and the main East Coast rail line which connects Aberdeen to London. Onshore Project Manager for Seagreen, Steven Reid said, “We’re very pleased with the delivery of the HDD works by the project team and our contractors, where the works have been completed safely and with a minimum amount of disturbance.” As a result of HDD on this project, disturbances such as noise, vibration, waste, and earthworks were reduced. The method also allowed major local and national transportation routes to stay open while work took place underground. “The project team will now continue to work with our principal contractor Nexans to safely deliver the final construction works required for the installation of the electrical infrastructure,” said Reid. Works are currently underway in Angus to pull electrical cabling through approximately 12 miles of underground ducts which will connect the Seagreen Wind Farm to Scotland’s national grid. Cable installation work will soon be complete. When complete, Seagreen - a joint venture between TotalEnergies and SSE Renewables - will be Scotland’s single largest source of renewable energy, providing enough energy to power 1.6 million homes. HDD was used to create a pathway for electrical cables which will supply power from the wind farm. DIR