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20 NOVEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® The “Idiots” Corner by “Billy Bob Smith” What exactly is a bad habit? Eating too much? Not sleeping enough? Not responding to e-mail requests? Not showing appreciation when others do something for you? Being late for everything? Or drinking too much alcohol every day, doing dangerous drugs, smoking, or never exercising? I could go for pages with this stuff, but I’m sure by now you have either turned the page or know where I might be going. I guess, in the end, it might depend on who you ask - a relative, boss, ex-spouse, customer, or maybe even a stranger. But first, let’s ask the pros (the dictionary): Habit: A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Bad Habit: A bad habit is a negative behavior pattern. Common examples include procrastination, overspending, nail-biting, and spending too much time watching television or using a computer. Well now, that was helpful! Or . . . Patterned Behavior, regarded as detrimental to one’s physical or mental health, which is often linked to a lack of self-control. Examples: Alcohol or drug abuse, consumption of tobacco in any form, overeating, regular “junk food” consumption, late-night partying, procrastination, laziness, decision avoidance, talking too much, lying, as well as shopping, sex addiction, and compulsive activities including gambling, and numerous others. Feel better now? Or smarter? Or worse? A couple of quotes that might make your day: “Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits.” ~Mark Twain “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” ~Vince Lombardi “The best way to stop a bad habit is to never begin it.” ~J.C. Penney So, when it comes to this topic, I want to cover three short areas: 1) What are really bad habits idiots maintain? Please accept I am not being judgmental or prejudiced. In a world now ruled by “woke” or the “politically correct police”, I would never say anything negative even if it was the truth - yeah, right! Sorry folks. Remember, this column is written by an idiot, for idiots. From my perspective, there are four categories of negative habits, and I am not going to list all of the individual ones connected to them. Health/physical (poor or no physical movement or exercise habits, poor eating habits, obviously smoking, alcohol, and unnecessary drugs). Emotional (procrastination, constant worry, blame or regret, hanging on to a loss too long, and ego or arrogance dominance). Career (poor performance, being late, not taking responsibility, laziness). Relationships (needy, a lack of validation, constant blame or finger-pointing, never saying thank-you, not showing up emotionally or physically). 2) Why do people have or keep them (the bad or poor ones)? Habits generally start as just simple actions or activities - your first cigarette, first being late to work, etc., but with time and repetitiveness these sooner or later take over our mental processes and are now in charge. For example, being overweight is not a diet issue, but a mental one. Keeping them is no longer a concern, but losing them can be difficult. 3) Is everyone who has a bad habit an idiot? Well now, this could be a very long answer, but I’m sure you have more to do today so I’ll keep it short. The answer is yes and no! Yes, if you refuse to accept or acknowledge you have this habit. Yes, if you are letting it slowly destroy some area of your life. Yes, if you go to a great deal of effort to defend it. No, if you acknowledge it and are taking some action to change it, remove it, or stop it. No, if it is not a serious issue that will negatively impact some life areas. And no, if it is just a temporary action due to a recent negative loss, challenge, or problem. So, are habits good or bad? You decide. Billy Bob Contact him via e-mail to michele@ Water Well Swivels Aft Com Pip Pip Rot Sid ermarket pound e Thread e Spinners ating Heads e Inlet Swivels kingoiltool (580) 234-4 sales@kingtoo Rig 141 Parts