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22 NOVEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® New Web-Based Mapping Tool for Exploring Groundwater Sustainability Projects in California Adapted from Information by the California Department of Water Resources A new web-based tool developed by California’s Department of Water Resources (DWR) will allow the public to explore thousands of groundwater projects across the state. The virtual mapping tool is part of the commitment to develop new, innovative solutions to provide information and resources to address the effects of California’s changing climate and ongoing severe drought. The California Groundwater Projects Tool is an interactive mapping tool which allows users to explore a database of nearly 3000 projects initiated in California over the last decade to protect groundwater resources. It features projects funded by DWR and external sources such as federal or local funding. The database will include information about project benefits and effectiveness in relation to the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). Users can also access more than 20 project case studies and receive guidance on how to measure and track benefits of projects following construction. “Dry conditions continue to test our communities statewide, especially those that rely heavily on groundwater for multiple needs,” said DWR Sustainable Groundwater Management Deputy Director Paul Gosselin. “This new mapping tool will allow users to view and access information on thousands of groundwater projects being implemented within their local communities and throughout the state. We are encouraged and inspired that groundwater managers and communities are advancing solutions and planning projects within their basins to help achieve groundwater sustainability.” The tool is intended for anyone interested in learning more about state and local investments in groundwater sustainability and the return on those investments. This information may be considered useful to groundwater sustainability agencies, water agencies, organizations, legislators, Tribes, and the general public. Groundwater is a critical component of California’s water supply, accounting for 40% in a normal year and up to 60% during dry conditions. Nearly 85% of all Californians rely on groundwater for at least some portion of their water supply. The state is currently seeing adverse impacts of decades of overpumping groundwater basins, including dry drinking wells and land subsidence. This is exacerbated with climate change and prolonged extreme drought conditions. Grant funding for sustainable groundwater management projects has been critical to helping local water agencies address these impacts. The new tool will track progress of these projects and inform state and local agencies on the types of projects making the most positive impacts. DWR has prioritized developing new web-based tools and resources for well owners, groundwater users, and local drought managers to help them prepare for current and future drought conditions. Last month, DWR, in coordination with the State Water Resources Control Board, launched a new Dry Well Susceptibility Tool to identify areas in groundwater basins across the state which may be prone to domestic well outages. It is a resource for local monitoring and early warning to help increase general awareness of where domestic water wells may be susceptible to going dry to help communities proactively plan for potential well outages. To help Tribes and underrepresented communities experiencing difficulties implementing SGMA in their region, DWR is also offering support through the Underrepresented Community Technical Assistance program. The program offers free needs assessments and preliminary engineering reports to help communities identify needs and develop potential groundwater projects for future funding. DWR engineering geologist measures groundwater levels at designated monitoring wells in Yolo County. WTR January Issue Deadlines Space Reservation: November 25th Display & Classified Ad Copy: December 1st