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24 NOVEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Groundwater Week Booth 665 Mistakes by Tim Connor “If something doesn’t work in our life we tend to repeat the behavior.” ~Nathanial Branden Boy, am I guilty of this one, but I won’t bore you with any details. Just let me ask you: Have you ever repeated a similar mistake in life more than once? If yes, why? Was it a lack of focus, arrogance, ego, fear, the need for approval or acceptance, or any of a variety of reasons too lengthy to list? Without divulging my reasons for my mistakes, let me share what I believe are just a few of the common contributors. Denial in some form. An unwillingness to admit weaknesses or a lack of something; skill, a character flaw, inadequate experience, or emotional shallowness to make the outcome or result right, better, or more successful than the last time. Or, just an unwillingness to learn from the past whether guidance, advice, counsel from others, or just the pain of the previous issue. One thing I have learned over these many years is not hiding past mistakes or poor decisions and just getting them out there in the open can help better manage similar situations in the present. I don’t mean a constant desire for pity or condolence, but simply admitting when appropriate that I’m not perfect. In His service, Tim Tim Connor may be contacted via e-mail to