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20 OCTOBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Environmental Monitoring by Thomas Kwader, Ph.D., P.G. Owner, Qwater Well Developer and WorldWide Drilling Resource® Hydrogeologist Thoughts on the Heat and Drought of the Summer of 2022 As I sit at my desk with pencil in hand, I am having a difficult time getting started writing my monthly article for WWDR, as I always try to write on relevant topics in the news. It then became obvious the news around the world involves scorching temperatures, wildfires, and water shortages causing depleted reservoirs and bodies of water which made the topic clear. Looking out the window, it is raining very hard and rainwater is running off the steel barn roof and filling up the gutters and downspouts, which then runs across my yard, down a hill, to the lake below. Out of curiosity, I calculate the volume of water running off the barn roof and estimate it to be 20-40 gallons per minute while it is raining this hard. I think about the practical ways we could all collect this water and store it for use in dryer times when we need water for irrigation instead of using “city water” piped through a meter or pumping from water wells which already have declining levels. Storing water is not a new idea. I have seen cisterns under 100-year-old farmhouses and in the Florida Keys and Bermuda built to collect roof runoff and store the water in these large containment vessels. These cisterns were often built of brick and mortar. They are still commonly used in the Florida Keys and Bermuda where there are virtually no sources of fresh groundwater. As groundwater use continues to increase and water levels drop, it is obvious we should incorporate methods to collect rainfall runoff - especially in areas where the declining groundwater levels are affecting our potable needs - and lessen the strain on our groundwater resources. A simple online inquiry will reveal many sources for such rainwater containment. In many areas around the world, we are rapidly depleting our groundwater and surface water supplies and we are tapping our “low-hanging fruit” which is easily accessible. The wise use of this finite resource is becoming more obvious as we plan for the future of our growing populations and changing planet. Tom Tom Kwader may be contacted via e-mail to ENV This is just a sneak peek ~ visit for more photos online! Funk Brothers Manufacturing showed their product. Mike was very busy in the Cotey Chemical Corp booth. Stefan was very busy in the Foremost booth. Blackadar Insurance Agency was well-represented. Therrell was on hand in Central Mine Equip. Co. booth. The Flomatic booth was another busy location at the show. Andre was there for Johnson Screens. Florida Ground Water Assn 2022 Annual Convention & Trade Show Sam & Bill represented Monoflex/Southwire.