WorldWide Drilling Resource

38 OCTOBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® are inherently goopy, environmental engineers inject the solutions into the ground at highly contaminated sites such as abandoned chemical factories and industrial plants. The viscous solutions help push out trace contaminants from the affected soils. Polymer solutions likewise aid in oil recovery by pushing oil out of the pores in underground rocks. On the remediation side, polymer solutions enable "pump and treat," a common method for cleaning up groundwater polluted with industrial chemicals and metals, which involves bringing the water to a surface treatment station. "All these applications of polymer solutions, and more, such as in separations and manufacturing processes, stand to benefit from our findings," said Datta. Overall, the new findings on polymer solution flow rates in porous media brought together ideas from multiple fields of scientific inquiry, ultimately disentangling what had started out as a long-frustrating, complex problem. "This work draws connections between studies of polymer physics, turbulence, and geoscience, following the flow of fluids in rocks underground as well as through aquifers," said Datta. "It's a lot of fun sitting at the interface between all these different disciplines." Solving cont’d from page 36. Portable Jack Pads from CME (Central Mine Equipment Company) are engineered to bend but not break, and are backed with a lifetime warranty. The thermoplastic material is lightweight with a strength capacity of 100,000 pounds, bending capacity of 45,000 pounds, and crush rating of 200 psi. In addition to being UV-, hydraulic fluid-, and road chemical-resistant, these pads have an orange safety handle that is unbreakable, comfortable, and completely waterproof. They are safety textured and feature recovery memory after bending, with no splinters, no warping, and no delamination. ~Drop them, drag them, submerge them in water, use them in freezing temperatures or searing heat.~ CME is a Valued WWDR Advertiser.