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18 SEPTEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Simplifying Geotechnical Jobs with Geoprobe’s 3100GT Adapted from Information by Geoprobe® At this year’s Shallow Exploration Driller’s Clinic (SEDC) in Golden, Colorado, WWDR had the opportunity to see Geoprobe’s 3100GT in action at the Drilling Boot Camp demonstration. It’s easy to see why this rig is widely praised for exceeding production expectations, and it has become even more proficient with the addition of a percussion hammer. The geotechnical drilling truck is under Class A/B CDL, which saves on insurance and streamlines hiring of new drivers and operators. It easily and efficiently switches from continuous sampling with Shelby tubes, to blow counts, to auger drilling without needing to reposition the mast or machine. Additional advantages of this quiet truck include: e Controls grouped by function make it easy to move several levers simultaneously. e Built-in cone penetration testing functionality simplifies the process. e Hands-free controls for feed and rotation reduce operator fatigue during rock coring. e Versatility to complete an array of sampling techniques - in unconsolidated and consolidated formations - with a single machine, without compromise. e A separate hydraulic circuit dedicated to the mud pump creates stable mud flow, eliminating the battle between drilling functions and fluid circulation for hydraulic flow and pressure. e Fuel-efficient transport averages 15 mpg and minimizes maintenance expenses supporting only one engine while providing power to travel at highway speeds. e Maneuverability and modern amenities are provided in a comfortable truck, making it more economical and increasing safety for drilling professionals. e Ditch-side control panel puts more distance between traffic and operator. e Telescoping mast reduces power line collisions. For geotechnical sampling to be successful, footage must be done quickly, easily, and above all, safely. Launching drilling operations in state agencies, engineering firms, and everywhere in-between can be more efficient thanks to the easy operation and advanced safety features of the 3100GT drilling truck. WWDR photos from the SEDC Drilling Boot Camp. C&G Good day, I have enjoyed receiving and reading your periodical for many years. I could always find at least one interesting article to enjoy. Respectfully, John Brooke Hastings, NE