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25 SEPTEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Reese Rig & Tool: Celebrating 10 Years of Service Adapted from Information by Reese Rig & Tool Company, LLC In 1981, Dick Reese began working in the oilfield business for a rig manufacturer. Along with rotary rigs and service rigs, the company sold high-quality parts and components used on drilling equipment. Dick used knowledge gained from this experience and transitioned to the oilfield, water well supply, and cable tool rig industries. He began working with Bucyrus Erie (BE) drill rigs and Smeal pump hoists in Wilson Manufacturing’s equipment division where he discovered his passion for rigs and related equipment. He also enjoyed having opportunities to help individual customers find the right products. There was never a dull moment as he worked with clients across the U.S. and internationally. For many years, he considered the possibility of starting his own business. His wife even asked him, “Why don’t you just sell the rigs and equipment for yourself?” With his wife’s encouragement, Dick founded Reese Rig & Tool Company, LLC in 2012. He has been going strong ever since. For over ten years, Reese Rig & Tool has continued providing service to the drilling industry. The company sells a wide range of items for cable tool rigs, such as pinions for the shafts on BE rigs, Twin Disc clutches for all makes of rigs, along with distributing for Wirerope Works, Inc. in Pennsylvania, a manufacturer of Bethlehem Wire Rope® for all types of rigs. He buys and sells all makes and models of cable tool and rotary rigs, along with related used tooling. In addition to selling new Hunke/Smeal pump hoists, he purchases and sells used units in all makes and models. Dick thinks highly of the people his business serves. He said, “When I talk to some of my customers, it feels like I’m talking to family.” He tries to be as available as he can to answer questions, even if that means taking a late call every now and then. Customers appreciate his willingness to go above and beyond their expectations. The company is looking forward to what lies ahead. “I am very pleased with what I have accomplished in just a short time. I am very positive about the future. Nothing is more gratifying than having good relationships with current customers and I am looking forward to developing new ones in the future,” said Dick. WTR Mfg., Scree Atlan Inc. n & tic E-mail: atlantic@ce Atlantic-Screen.c Manufactu 302-684-3197 Manholes j Pipe Clear PVC j Inline Chemical Mixers j ell Rehabilitation Produ jW .net om rers cts DE 19968 Milton, 142 Broadkill Rd ½” - 24 ranging f Perforated of Slotted Fax: 302-384-0643 more! MUCH And j Bailers Sampling j Locking Caps j Filter Sock j Bentonite j ” rom Pipe and Irrigation by: Rain Bird Academy Training October 3-7 ~ Pensacola, FL October 10-14 ~ Salt Lake City, UT October 11-13 ~ Tampa, FL October 24-28 ~ Riverside, CA October 31-Nov 4 ~ San Diego, CA phone: 800-498-1942 E-mail: More education opportunities during events can be found by clicking here online at: Education Connection