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40 Years of Trust Adapted from Information by Shakti Pumps USA From his humble beginnings selling vegetables at an early age of 14, Chairman and Managing Director of Shakti Pumps, Dinesh Patidar, now in his late 50s, is poised to make a global mark in the solar energy sector. He is at the helm of India's first BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) 5-Star rated pump manufacturing company, which was founded in 1982, and is among few pioneers in the world to produce 100% stainless steel pumps and a whole range of energy-efficient motors. Shakti Pumps is at the forefront of providing a variety of renewable energy solutions, primarily for the agriculture sector. Innovation is the backbone of their operations with the company investing 3-4% of its net profits into research and development, developing technologically advanced products to meet the world’s irrigation and pumping requirements. Currently, there are more than 1200 products in the company’s portfolio. Shakti Pumps has a sprawling state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with an installed capacity of 1 million pumps per annum, located in central India. Over the years, the company has seen a steady growth trajectory and become one of the leading pump exporters in India, exporting its products to over 120 countries. The company caters to agriculture, irrigation, industrial applications and processes, pressure boosting in high-rise buildings, rural/urban community water supply schemes, waste and sewage water treatments, firefighting, and so on. With over four decades of experience in the pumping industry, Shakti Pumps is one of the most quality-driven pump manufacturers in the world. It has committed itself to several ongoing research and development projects leading to development and creation of new energy-efficient pumping products and solutions including new-age solar energy-operated pumps and electric pumping solutions. With 28 patent applications, one of which was recently granted, Shakti Pumps has emerged as a leading renewable energy solutions company with diversified product offerings including technologically advanced utility functions. Buoyed by 40 years of proven expertise in manufacturing electric motors and 5 years of manufacturing power electronics equipment (controllers), the company recently announced its foray into the EV (electric vehicle) segment with the manufacture of motors, chargers, controllers, and multiapplication component variable frequency drives for EVs via the incorporation of a wholly-owned subsidiary. Shakti Pumps USA was established in 2010, aiming to cover the company’s goal of providing fast service and prompt delivery in the North, Central, and South American markets. Over this short span of time, the company has established five stocking locations and a network of more than 400 distributors and dealers, demonstrating Team Shakti’s committment to providing prompt, accurate, on-time solutions and delivery of products. Shakti Pumps USA is proud to be a family-owned, true manufacturer with traditional values of keeping their customer first. Dinesh Patidar. WTR t A Special WorldWide Sponsors o D Act N Thank-You to the f the Third Annual ownHome DrillFest™ Chanc Las e! ld id d illi Register today by vis osing Cl Room Blo O o /dhdf ht l iting W ~ ck is wor w e r . m 46 SEPTEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource®